The Disturbing Truth Behind Sister Wives


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  1. nursechicktv says:

    I have watched the Sister Wives from the beginning and nothing you reported here today was a surprise or "disturbing". What is disturbing to me is the way you try to make Mary's singular offer of divorce for the sake of the children, look to be like a unilateral decision made by Cody. Mary is the one who made the decision and did so for the benefit of Robin's children so if she died the Brown family could keep the children with them. What Mary chose to do was the most beautiful and selfless thing I have ever witnessed.

  2. Danielle R says:

    I saw before pictures, they were all somewhat attractive. Now they are fat and miserable.

  3. he must be something special i'll tell you what, i don't think i could live with another women for long if i'm not with her romantically. yet here they are, four women trying like hell to get along and share one man. other men should probably take note of the clear communication techniques they utilise and the patience he displays toward it all, there is an emotional fulfillment here that many people forget is important.

  4. MadameTamma says:

    Soooo…. Is this a show about polyamorous bisexuals who all love EACH OTHER OPENLY EQUALLY? Or about of a group of women who have no sexual and/or romantic feeling for each other but solely for this one guy who they see as their boss and just allows his mistresses take turns?

  5. Jen H says:

    Let's not forget that Janelle's mom was also married to Kody's dad before he passed away.

  6. lmac424 says:

    All of these women (minus the favorite wife Robyn) are miserable. Poor Meri was desperate to get away. Christine took her therapist on an anniversary vacation with Kody and Janelle and Kody are more like business partners than a couple. It's no wonder that none of their kids want to live polygamy.

  7. Nephi895 says:

    Is that Nick from continue? He just has one wife right?

  8. themelonsoup says:

    The catfish thing sounds off.

  9. themelonsoup says:

    When Robyn hits menopause I bet he'll get a new wifey to satisfy his need to be alpha.

  10. Four stupid woman lmao

  11. tam tam says:

    I'm sorry, I'm very open minded but these women are morons. Don't they realize that all the turmoil they are experiencing, the financial crisis, the sacrifices they are making, the less freedom they are allowing themselves, and the resulting depression, are not how they should be living their lives. Perhaps they need to find a new religion, or none at all.

  12. Gotta love Utah.

  13. Didn't watch yet but… The one of the left, definitely a man… Cmon now….

  14. all you woman are a bunch of bitter haters take a look in the mirror you ugly piece of crap you look like a spray on chode

  15. David Hunt says:

    Born and raised in Utah… What a weird and fucked up way to spend your life on a weird ass show. TV is garbage. Ive lived in Utah for 27 years and I don't think I've ever met a polygamist person in my life. Maybe I said "HI" to someone who has some huge ass weird family.

  16. Man living in the polygamy are the most selfish man on this planet

  17. Gabby Deveau says:

    This guy is a Real Sh%%TH@@d! I'd would divorce him and expose all his DIRT TO THE STATE! Or if in NY put a hit on him!

  18. Call me old fashioned, but this grosses me out…..I watched part of a show once, Cody's behavior was disgusting, and I'll never watch it again….to each his own, but I'll never agree with these people….smh…

  19. juniemom1 says:

    they're disgusting. he's ugly anyway, puke

  20. Judi Judge says:

    cody brown is so controling and he thinks he is so good looking with that mop of hair.he married robin because she is the only one he really loves.thats an excuse about the kids .all he has to do is put in his will they are to be taken care of.i feel really bad for mari she is clearly unhappy.she is lonely how much affection does cody have for 4 women.why cant they have another husband ?all the rules are man made for these so called religions. and they are made for only the men to be happy.the women are supposed to have a kid every year and cook and clean and help the other wifes with everything. while the man does basically not much .i dont understand why any women would get into an arangement like this.

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