The Drumbeat of War with China-Russia Building


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV report on World War 3 according to George Soros . AMTV Website : Donate $ 5 / month …


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  1. China/Russia will win the war against Asian hegemony by the U.S. Government and its Cronies.

    The U.S. is a declining superpower.

    Just look around and see for yourself.

    Infrastructure is falling apart, cities that were once powerhouses are in shambles, schooling is failing, large corporations have destroyed the small business man, the police state has risen, Americans are tired of government deception, incompetence, intrusion, and sending their sons to die for regional superiority. Many Americans are anti federal government and will cause chaos, The national deficit is beyond repair and will eventually cause a slew of consequences.

    For gods sake, the U.S. Government can't win a war against a bunch of ragtag Islamic fighters, with no air force, navy or legitimate army. Its been 14 years, and those fighters are stronger than ever. A war against China/Russia will devastate the U.S. economy and sink that economy into the toilet.

    Let's face it. The U.S. government turned into a monster after the end of the cold war. They've had free reign to push their weight around both overseas and within its borders. No nation should have so much power unchecked.

    China has checked! Russia too. Good. We need balance of power. We need the U.S. government to need and respect their citizens again.


  2. blkseal1 says:

    The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor

  3. Lkai says:

    The more videos I watch with his one sided evidence and rhetoric, the more doubt I have in his assumptions. He does make some interesting points and I agree to a point with some of his assertions in a few of his videos, but to state in this video it's the US that wants war, when it is the expansionist Chinese that are illegally unilaterally building up in the disputed China Sea, bordering many of its SE Asian neighbors, clearly shows who the aggressor is.

  4. lubu b says:

    maybe American need a war experience on own land for appretiate a  peace! I hate this chating and comparing who is stronger or better in military view – why you people think that way – war agresion should be erase from our culture. 
    Every war started as a solution on economy problems –  US pushing to war for covering own economy trubles. Are the US citizens so stupid for allow to own elite for start next war?

  5. Payback time you little bitches!! 

  6. chris lemmer says:

    i have a question, this might be stupid i don't know much about politics or war but how will South Africa be affected by wwIII? i do believe they are part of the BRICKS system that includes China and Russia. we wouldn't be called off to war or anything right? or be in some sort of line of fire. we have an army but its in shambles and went on strike rather recently so we are rather unorganized.

  7. Nobody in Russia wants war, neither nuclear, nor not nuclear, I'm Russian, and I speak from our national point of view to this situation. Guys, you have a very very large national dept to yourself, more than 17 trillion dollars currently, so of course everything what you can do in this situation, arrives to your friends – say them all – now you my enemies, you want to envaid us, you are very very bad guys, and we have to stop your agression, we must kill you ), it's very funny, but unfortunately it is – the truth, it is very sad! This calls the competition, its because of the world competition, and its all about the world competition.

  8. After China's Anti Satellite Missile Shot A Satellite. Do You Think That The INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION Could Be Destroyed By China.

  9. 薛元 says:

    The US people are paranoid. China is as poor and weak as India. We are starving. War? Are you kidding me? China and the US will be in peace for the next 10 thousands years, as long as Uncle Sam doesn't want to beat us.

  10. Sheard Sheep says:

    George Soros is afraid we're going to war? He hopes so!

  11. The World needs too calm down ,we are on  a mission too no where,what ever it takes too convince these stupid people,war is ugly and its death too man kind.

  12. arpodyssey1 says:

    WE are the nazis..

  13. Man na says:

    Wow! You are really depressed. You seem to get a happy, thrill out of the world going to hell. I guess misery loves company.

  14. Haha.. I loved the sound off for war – haha.

    When will our world become peaceful?

    Seems once we have abolished all forms of government or at least implement some form of mechanisms to prevent the corruption of them.

    Then what? Hang on aren'twe supposed to have fail safe mechanisms in place lol.. oh thats right we did… but they got removed by government.

    Wait a damn minute they can't do that right?

    Seems like they would like to think so considering the bills that have been passed.

    But here's the catch, they are all illegal and have no basis from which to exist.

    An example: Patriot Act.

    I call for an impeachment of the current and previous government going back to 2000 to stand trial for all illegal activities.

    Now that would have the whole world smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

    I mean there is still an impeachment law right? Why in the damn hell is anyone not using it for Gods sake!

    There is enough evidence here put these goons away for life!


  15. The Drumbeat of War with China-Russia Building:

  16. The only way option that would make sense is to buddy up with India. India is neither against nor with USA… but USA has been sucking up to Pakistanis so much that there is a vacuum between India and USA relationship. However, the gap is closing but India is taking cautious approach with USA being the BRICS member and geographically being close to Russians and Chinese. It would harm India more then USA if there is a full fledged war… while USA around the globe. USA would have to break all the ties with Pakistan and let it crash and burn on its own.. creating a United India… with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan being part of UNITED INDIA… in fight against China and Russia. 

    USA would never accept this 3th Super power thus… comes the complication in Indo-US relationship. USA has made a major mistake by creating China what is today… and sure it will not happen again.. But with the new Indian PM dedicated to bring india as world power… i see very few options for financially devastated America to do anything..

  17. As per China the only way to encounter them is to stop buying crap from them… even if the export from China to US drops by 20% in next 5 year it would stagnate the Chinese economy to historical lowest point… it may close down 100,000 factories… and lay of could be in 10s of millions bring down the economy of China.. and possibly the collapse of BRICS… since china is the the major player in BRICS and lending money by the TONS…

  18. pantslizard says:

    …well, summers almost over & still no nukes, or conventional war for that matter. 18 days left of summer…

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