The Eastern Front of World War II. Operations of the Red Army


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  1. shame for southfront to provide biased video. There was no liberation in eastern europe.

  2. This was made by a total amateur! The German losses (killed & captured) at Stalingrad numbered 300.000 and Finland was never "liberated" or rather occupied by the Red army!

  3. Saglint says:

    Why truths bothers to some people ? Nazis became strong cause of western camp.They did nothing.

    When people die in soviet union and east europe. They didnt open second front.Now it bothers them.

    In holywood movies they show their "victory".But we know who save the world from fascism

  4. Nickael7 says:

    LONG LIVE THE RED ARMY, WHO SAVED THE WORLD FROM AN IMPENDING WORLDWIDE HOLOCAUST !!! If the Nazis had win the war, the entire world's population would had collapse… And the Nazis would had been using the remaining population as slaves for generations to generations…

  5. I think the Greeks would be surprised to learn that they were liberated by the Soviet Army.

  6. ND7652 says:

    Russia could DEFEAT NAZIS . But not Quran CRAZED freaks .

  7. Xtragicfever says:

    "Liberated"? Bullshit!

  8. Cipto Bagus says:

    i love the graphic!! great job!

  9. ussr is not russia and stalin is not putin. Fuck bolsheviks

  10. We beat those evil Nazis! … now we're all slaves to usury, and globalization is going full steam ahead. Oh well.

  11. martha pena says:

    Today is the Big day May 9 the victory day

  12. igor dosen says:

    Yugoslavia was not liberated by the Soviets, it was liberated by the Yugoslav Partisans. The Soviets only played a minimal role in helping to liberate Belgrade.

  13. firo says:

    Where's today's video???!

  14. firo says:

    I absolutely love this channel. Hope you guys make it big and stay committed to the truth when you do. I'll try my best to help you out. gg

  15. P Cupial says:

    This map is realy big lie. You try to rewrite history. USSR was Hitler ally in 1939-1941 – RIbentrow Molotow Pact. Poland dont exist in this time, was anexed by nazi and USSR as well Baltic states, part of Romania and Finland

  16. lkjs1000 says:

    02:18 is that the young Putin at the top right?

  17. pparker768 says:

    27 000 000. Tragic.

  18. Germany was the good side (anti-Zionist) in WW2 but now Russia is the good side (anti-Zionist). How things change.

  19. Mike Hunt says:

    6bn + left to eradicate to date.

  20. Liberated Romania?read some history you ….

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