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  1. The LORD is about to shut the door ( Rev. 3:7b ) on The Ark of HIS Grace. When this happens The Flood of Great Destruction will sweep across the whole world. A persons Obedience to Romans 10:9 &10 will ensure then entrance into The Ark. Do NOT delay to come on board. Today is The Day of Salvation.The Gift of GOD is Eternal Life ( Romans 6:23b ) It is The Will of GOD in Christ is that all be Saved (1 Timothy 2: 4 & 5 ) GET SAVED TODAY you may not have another opportunity to do so. MARANATHA-Amen

  2. Shove your bible bullshit up your ass you freaks, there is no god and therefore no anti-christ

  3. Ronniecob40 says:

    I guess you have an altenative explanation, for all the things the Bible predicted would happen after Israel became a nation again in 1948, happening now.
    Deep in their hearts, atheists see what is happening in the world, and its not good. Knowledge has increased more in the last 50 years, than at any other time in history, just like the Bible "Daniel" foretold would happen in the last days.
    Someday, YOU WILL believe in Jesus, I pray its before you die.
    God Bless You

  4. icy094 says:

    I don't understand why people who don't believe come here, get angry and bash us. You dont have to watch this it's still a free country! Yet here you are. Clearly something is nudging you. Accept Jesus Christ today. He loves you. Wake up before you find that you've been misguided. I'm praying for the lost.

  5. Douglasdt says:

    You do terrific work according to the measure of TRUTH given you to this point. Praise Jesus! You have another brother in truth!
    I hope you don't mind that I cipied it to my page

  6. HoodMinister says:

    Thank you for being a Watchman on the wall! All this is coming in the near future I think.The Georgia guidestones should also tell us that.It says there should only be 500 million people alive on the planet.I doubt whether Rockefeller,Kissinger or the like,would volunteer to be exterminated along with the other billions of so people.You should maybe check out Steve Quayle on some of the things he says are in the works right now.It's really radical.God bless. Only Jesus Christ saves!!

  7. ctwatcher says:

    Go ahead and have a new world order. I will keep to myself until I die. Will not participate in their evil bullshit. Every man on this vid should have been put in prison or hung for their crimes. Instead we listen to them talk about how they're going to destroy us and no plan or means to stop them. I will just ignore them and their silly ideas and hope for their demise soon.

  8. religious zealotry is dangerous but a complete lack of faith altogether can be just as bad (see your comment above). if you're trying to dissuade the faithful you should promote how such a (non)belief is positive. otherwise you look like a hateful miserable tool, that only equally hateful miserable tools will relate to. (see your comment above)

  9. NWO is iluminate Lucifering ! There waitting on the fallen angel to return and save them. Anti Christ ! There Secret Societies , There Hidden agendas , there monoploies and Wall st Ponzis , Yes Folks its there New World Order 666! there robing and stealing . Jesus said do as they say not as they do. That Snake Bush CIA Lizard Eyes setting you up for failure .

  10. joshuajeu123 says:

    see de owour a prophet among us. read deuteronomy 18 & st marks 16 to confirm. he talks about the war coming and who wins and who loose.

  11. libby says:

    its funny how each and everyone keeps saying the people want it. Well we dont lets go ahead and make our new world for them everything they would like to do on us lets do to them.

  12. Free 445-page eBook just released that completely explains the New World Order, plus stuff even the veteran researchers have overlooked, including identifying who the Antichrist is and how he will be resurrected = HE is the real mastermind of the NWO. Download the FREE eBook/PDF and spread to others via email. Wake up everybody you can. samaritansentinel (dot) com

  13. Do you know JESUS as your personal Lord and Savior ? He is THE ARK ! Ask him into your heart, repent, get out of the world ! Time is running OUT ! Jesus is the way, the truth and THE LIFE

  14. Bill Blakely says:

    Jesus is my lord. He will tread these pretenders underfoot.

  15. Jose Roberto says:

    I call this video religious propaganda

  16. Rico Pacheco says:

    Age of the Aquarius
    Age of peace
    Age of knowledge
    Age of unity
    Age of the Antichrist

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