The Final Steps to World War 3

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  1. Anytime buddy anytime

  2. SMH ….. HMMMMM…. NOW YOU GOT ME THINKING….. Cellblock say it ant so boss, please say it ant so…… you did kind of tracked him down like a black girl looking for her child support check…? RESPOND?????? OR MAYBE Cellblock has a secret man crush on Eric and he's been secretly stalking him …..

  3. cellblock776 says:

    Eric. Virgil.  Dude, the reason for prepping is to be prepared for difficulties and disasters we may face.  Your preps should be general in nature so that they can cover a variety of situations you may face. They should always lean heavily toward the most likely disaster you would encounter.  There is a reason why I constantly bash people who toss around the term SHTF. Because they tend to misapply the term and try to tailor it to address some very specific and unlikely or unrealistic occurrence. Jack Spirco, host of The Survival Podcast, often points out the disaster possibility and proportion pyramid (he calls it something else but it's basically the same thing).  As Jack rightly points out, the chances of a disaster occurring go down as the number of people the disaster will effect goes up.  Think of it this way. What is more likely to occur right now?  A house fire or a megavolcanic eruption and how many people would be effected by each of these events? A house fire will be a very local disaster effecting maybe one person or a single family.  Yet house fires occur everyday and you are much more likely to find yourself fleeing from a house fire than a volcanic eruption. What is more likely? A comet striking the Earth or a person getting fired from their job? Or this, a train derailment forcing your neighborhood to shelter in place or evac vs a nation wide civil war which will close all stores?  The fewer people effected, the more likely it is to happen.  And Dude, you are currently in your own personal SHTF.  You need to shift priorities and focus on the threats you are facing at this very moment instead of what may happen in the future such as the civil war scenario you presented.  Eat your prep food.  Use your preps now.  This is your most immediate threat. Not a civil war that may or may not happen tomorrow.  Starving to death now is not going to do you any good if a civil war does actually happen in the coming weeks.  Think of it like trauma medicine.  Remember your TCCC training? What do you treat first? The thing which will kill you the quickest, Massive Hemorrhaging. Get the bleeding under control first. Then worry about Breathing, fractures, burns and other injuries.  Virgil, you are bleeding out. You need to get a tourniquet, occlusive dressing or some wound packing under way STAT. Eat your Preps. That crappy job that was "beneath you"? You take it.  Swallow your pride, take the shitty job and survive to fight another day.  If you are drowning you don't refuse an offer of a piece of driftwood to cling to because you'd rather have a nice orange life ring tossed to you.  You grab the driftwood and keep your head above water until a better option comes along. You have said several times in several different videos that you can't wait for the S to H the F because many people will get what they deserve.  Man, for you the S has H the F and broke the blades right off of the F.  A massive civil war hasn't broken out.  A EMP hasn't knocked out the power grid.  The lights are still on and the stores are still open and you are sitting here telling people that you could starve. Wake up. Work the problem.  If you can't make it through this than you don't stand a chance when things get worse.

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