The five most bizarre battles of World War 2 – This is Genius


WW2 featured plenty of bloody battles. Sometimes, that meant planning cock-ups, bizarre tactics, surprising alliances and incredible strokes of luck. We’ve …


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  1. dufmor says:

    donkeys leading lions ….

  2. MrBeard17 says:

    They invade a deserted island and still lose 300 troops ? lol way to go 'merica

  3. Kaos says:

    Americans, Germans and french fought nazis in World war 2….. Now thats freedom.

  4. I like the story of the Japanese pilot who landed on a captured airfield on Okinawa on 4/1/45. As he climbed out of the plane, he found himself surrounded by a squad of US Marines. He grabbed for his pistol then was literally blown apart by rifle fire. One marine said, "there's always some poor bastard who doesn't get the word."

  5. agidyne967 says:

    lol I wonder if No. 1 was made into a movie?

  6. I really have no idea what the Japanese were thinking invading the Aleutians. There was a reason why they were undefended. I'm not mitigating my country's decision to retake them or the soldiers' and seamen's personal efforts. It's just, the Aleutian environment and climate was a worse enemy than either side was to each other.

  7. mrnickbig1 says:

    Well, you left out the significance of the Battle of Dutch Harbor. A Zero fight was captured intact, allowing the U.S. to work out the capabilities and weaknesses and develop effective tactic. The whole Aleutian Campaign was half-hearted because it was a diversion Also, I think the amazing and weird "Battle Off Samar" should have been included.

  8. Van Graff says:

    Rules for a good top ten, top five video…

    1. British guy

  9. IndieStaz says:

    The battle of Crete (Greece) guys
    a bunch of fearfull locals butchered the 70% of the Nazi parachuters using knives, hackets and ww1 guns

  10. xbl4ze says:

    There's a whole documentary dedicated to the guy that protected those 3 merchant ships and got stuck in ice.

  11. That last one, absolutely needs a movie!

  12. There were no aircraft carriers deployed in the North or South Atlantic! Stop it!

  13. Klinx585 says:

    The Battle for Castle Itter needs to be a movie, I totally agree. Could be a real blockbuster, I'd watch it :)

  14. The Battle of Brisbane was an interesting one.  A train full of US servicemen arriving in Brisbane pulled up next to a train full of Australian serviceman who were leaving for combat in PNG.   One drunken American yelled out to the Aussies, telling them, "Thanks for the loan of your women".   Needless to say that comment caused the Aussie soldiers to board the Americans train and go after the loud mouth, which ended in a fully blown riot.

  15. the alutiens were only American because it was sold to them.

  16. These Dutch though…

  17. Mrtrubshaw says:

    Thank you for being able to pronounce lieutenant right

  18. Rj Ober says:

    I would love to see number 1 made into a movie

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