The frightening truth of vaccines ( vaccines lit Satanic Agenda exposed Documentary complete )


make no mistake ! I Will Not Compromise . I Will not comply . I Will Not Send . I Will not break . I Will Not Roll Over . I Will Not Sit Down . I Will Not Shut Up .


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  1. Winslow1691 says:

    Seizures from bad behavior now I must wonder what scientific research supports such bullshit. Some motherfuckers need to die :D

  2. Kara Young says:

    Why is there an ad for the Center for Desease Control before this video? The CDC is a government agency and they targeted this video because it is anti vaccine. Is that legal?

  3. Kara Young says:

    The CDC ad before this video is sick. I do not know if the person who made this video knows the ad before it promotes vaccines by the Center for Disease Control a government agency.

  4. I wonder how many of the refugees that come in have been vaccinated and how many will bring in measles

  5. HiveTyrant36 says:

    Not taking a chance with my future kids. (If I find a girl…)
    Homeschool with as pure food as possible.

  6. HiveTyrant36 says:

    I like to think of myself as a person who loves to learn, and loves the acquisition of knowledge and skills. In elementary school my brain was whacked out, never able to focus, and even today I get anxiety attacks when I can't figure something out telling me to stop, but if I don't stop, I figure it out within 10 minutes. I've known I haven't had a "regular" experience growing up, or even a "regular" body. My body has been messed up for as long as I remember, and I personally believe it has a lot to do with the steroids they gave me at birth and all the brainwashing at schools and vaccines. Only this past year have I been able to free myself of societal thinking and really become my own person, with my own ability to stand for what I believe. I am 24…

  7. Faith Delina says:

    America has a vision to reduce population brutally n succeeding what are Christians doing about it?

  8. how come we do not see any Islamic families have that problem (or other non judeo-christian). is this selective discrimination with the intent to thin out the population? I hope I am wrong but so far it seems that I can't find any videos that shows that it is happening in other cultures…

  9. Jae V says:


  10. Phougi says:

    Soulja, you do your name justice! I love all your videos, but I especially love it when your "- Exposed" videos come out. Had to leave a comment to let you know you are opening the eyes of so many and waking up the world, one viewer at a time. Please keep on keeping on.

  11. I have vaccined all my children. my youngest is 8. I will not be made to vaccinate. . that's when my eye's opened. thank God all my children have had no reaction thus far. I'm so angry at the power's that be never aloud We the people the Truth. I pray that God opens up our eyes to this before its a police state and you're held down to be vaccined. Leah in Australia. Thank you Soulja. ?

  12. Teri M says:

    Thanks for posting this informative video………God bless you!
    My heart goes out to the parents and children……this is so awful…

  13. If This is not Heartbreaking nothing is.Vaccines are poisonous to everyone,and murderous to Little Children and Infants.Some1 Most Pay for destroying these young lives and pretending to be helping them,but are not!

  14. Brok3n Cor3 says:

    I have aspergers and I fight back my feeling of wanting to scream in pain from my vaccine that I got at a young age remembering that I didnt want it crying and trying to get away from it being forced to get it.

  15. well aids was created for the sole purpose of depopulation if u have ur spiritual eyes opened up u can see the truth

  16. I don't get vaccines..if I had children then they wouldn't get vaccinated.
    This world is sick and I'll be glad to get out of it when my time comes

  17. My son is 8months and has already gotten a whole bunch of shots. Father God please stop those shots he got from effecting him in any harmful way. Pray for my son people. Thanks to Jesus he is doing great! But I still need all your prayers. I wont be getting the rest of those darn vaccs. I didnt get his flu shot or his second series of hepatitis B. Lord help us! In the name of Jesus I cast out all poison, out of our lives!

    No to the devil!!!!!!

  18. Giorgos Drv says:

    i see the gipsys they dont do even one and they let they kids play with no shoes at the rain and guess what i dont ever see a gipsy get even a flue

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