The Future of Europe – Episode 6: World War 3 – Part 1: Outbreak


The third world war begins France attacks its allies ! WARNING : CONTENT NOT POLITICAL , TOTALLY imaginary ! If you liked the video , show it by giving it …


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  1. CaTe MiLo says:

    Fance isnt sooo strong, think about ww1 and ww2 . germany conquered them

  2. Reds just traitors!I want blues win!

  3. where are the trailers? are they gone forever? :(

  4. Iberia have to win the war!!

  5. i want the rise of greece

  6. Reds will win !! :D

  7. France will kill Germany for the 1st time
    Yeah !!


  8. Yorkgate says:

    Reds winners !!!

  9. so you mean that hellas is greece and macedonia made an empire called northen greek  republic?

  10. How about Yugoslavia joins Russia and beat entire Central Europe ? :]

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