The Giant on Last Gen VS. World at War Der Riese (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies)


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20 Responses

  1. Josh Ranger says:

    Honestly it looks inverted in last gen

  2. dude go fuck yourself why u even playing the map if its that bad just think of it as a world at war custom zombies map.

  3. Alex Armand says:

    why do you compare minecraft to cod waw , i dont get it


  5. When he talked about the remake stuff I was like yes someone finally understands

  6. vapea 12 says:

    kinda salty in the vid

  7. Gamesee says:

    The graphics are disgusting!!!

  8. woozii2 says:

    Outro Song?

  9. Dan Minia says:

    2007 should look like 2016 and 2016 should look like 2007

  10. COD 1 looks better than Der Reise on BO3 last gen

  11. Patrick I have an amazing idea for a TOP 5 video. Please respond, because I would love for this idea to be made into a video.

  12. That's it I'm un-subscribing

  13. Der Riese on BO was on Resurrection not on Annihilation. Just wanted to point that out ;)

  14. The Xbox 360 version is better

  15. King Ownage says:

    PS4 may have better graphics than Xbox One, but Xbox 360 has way better graphics on PS3 for BO3 and every other game. Since 360 is a stronger console, and tbh has a PS4 owner and 360 it doesn't look to bad on 360 but no one ever plays bo3 on 360 for some reason when it's better than the PS3 version, so I say do a updated video with this map on 360

  16. hey pat, I'm not a hater but I just wanna tell you that the graphics on the giant are not that good because you are playing it on PS3, on PS4 they are much better, its just that the PS3 is older so therefore it cannot handle the type of graphics trayarch have put on the PS4 that's all and I hope you understand, byeeee

  17. i have last gen. it looks better than it does in youtube quality

  18. Alex Ward says:

    Should've just made it the exact same as WAW

  19. Trevor Baker says:

    I think you meant the giant for iOS

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