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A Biblical Flat Earth Documentary – The Global Lie explores the truth about our world and exposes the satanic lies that have been in motion for over 500 years.


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  1. Chad Eklund says:

    I'm just waiting for you to throw in magic after the materialism point.

  2. Chad Eklund says:

    Yes, its called Rationalism, the basis for the the 20th century

  3. Loy Bost says:

    The best video on the subject that I have seen. Thanks for the wonderful research, and the excellent production!

  4. Martin Koch says:

    Why is there no scientific evidence that the Earth is flat?

  5. Look up Hellstorm & The Greatest Story Never Told for more truth! c;

  6. Cory Jones says:

    you guys are fucking stupid

  7. If the Earth was flat, you would be able to see Polaris from the Australia. If the Earth was a ball, we should not be able to see small islands that are 100 miles away as they should be around 5,000 feet below the horizon.

  8. 50lmyr says:

    Do not read comments. This is just ballers trolls who do not even watch videos, but when they saw the title "flat earth" they just wrote insulting comments without any single argument.

  9. Kent Hovind is a deceiver using one of satan's greatest tactics. attacking one lie with another. satan will attack one lie with another. he doesn't care which lie you believe, as long as you don't believe the truth. kent hovind denies the truth of the flat earth. he is a deceiver!

  10. Karl Keenan says:

    when nothing realized it was nothing it became something aka the big bang

  11. you have to wonder about a man like rob skiba who presents so much truth, but then does not call Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, but instead a name not found in the bible. he tells you to prove all things then presents something that he cannot prove. he just slips in this name yeshua! where is this name found in the bible? NOWHERE!

  12. why are they quoting from a false bible? more deception!

  13. there are different degrees of deception. there are different lies being presented hidden within truth. like calling Lord Jesus yeshua. like quoting from false bibles!

  14. the niv is not the bible! in that evil book it calls Lord Jesus satan! that is not the word of God! how dare they quote from it! more deception!

  15. TheJakecheck says:

    lol meanwhile I look a out my telescope and observe moons around Jupiter. Ever hear of the principles of relativity bro? The earth isn't fucking flat!

  16. KingRhaul says:

    so this is the new angle the god crowd is gonna use to keep their nonsense alive ?? hmmmm interesting

  17. Mike Brumm says:

    It the earth was flat then time would be the same everywhere?

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