The Great War – Coverage – World War Bee – EVE Online Live

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  1. Hi Markee, Just to let you know that I was in this war, and a member of Test, We are Not Just fighting Goons But Also the CFC (AKA The Imperium) too.
    I was one of the guys flying a Maelstrom, Basicly, we were camping those guys into their station so that they could not undock to contest the station timer, and we could take all of the nodes that spawned and put the station into reinforced mode. so now it is reinforced for 2 days, and we will come back then to take the station for Test, and those guys will loose all their assets still in station as they will be camped in for the next few days, so will not be able to get everything out

  2. sigh


    [ Shift-C ] TOGGLES the CLICK TO AUTOLOOK feature of the new camera.
    [ C ] (no shift) LOOKS AT the selected object

    The new camera has INSANE range. It's not complicated, and if people gave it a day or two of actual use rather than going all Luddite about it, they'd figure out it's amazing, and totally viable in its current state.

  3. More explaining what's going on the screen would be nice.

    Like what was going on at 59:55 etc…

  4. Heared some Epixa – Awesome to the Max and other various Monstercat songs!

  5. Dai mon says:

    Great video man, too bad you kept talking about your pc expects and your internet conection and zero explanation at what was happening in the battle. Like I said, I don't mean to offend or anything, I'm very grateful you risked your ship to show us this, but you spend more time telling your audience about your computer capabilities and what Twich allowed you to stream and what not over and over and not a single time helped us to understand which side was doing what, or anything else.

    Anyways, outside of that, great video and thanks for the upload.

  6. amazing how this guy still lives in EVE, with his terrible ability to focus on what the fuck he's doing, left himself defenseless for a total of 5 minutes within the first 11 minutes, my god, i'm just begging for him to get wasted now, seriously how the hell can you sit like a fucking duck and not get erased for being an oblivious oaf. EYES FORWARD DICK, who the fuck cares about uploads to Twitch, just upload at 1080p and call it a day, holy shit.

  7. what ship are you flying?

  8. CCP had a bit of difficulty with the amount of information being sent received and "tidie" was very strong in that battle, my fleet of bombers struggled to stay with the groups and stay cloaked as well.  Got some great kills for TEST and that battle was epic!  Unfortunately I had to leave early and missed most of this fun.  There is still lots going on and we expect more great fights in the future. come hang out if you hear of any contested areas.  *TEST IS BEST! LOCAL IS PRIMARY! REPEAT: LOCAL IS PRIMARY!*

  9. brushboss99 says:

    Eve looks like shit

  10. Alex Belov says:

    Hey old man why you play games, you must raise your kids and grandkids, give them presents work hard for their living and be good granddaddy instead you sit back playing games like 5yo boy shame on you

  11. rentacow says:

    this is so cringy markee plz stop

  12. am surpised ppl watch this scamming old man still!? at least he's got a cool son. I used to smoke with his hippy ass in school and boy oh boy did he hace story about his dad and his business ethics. crazy he's not in jail by now.

  13. Seventh721 says:

    You know, this is all bullcrap you know. This war was planned from the very start, what you people don't know is the back dealings that go on in Eve online. This war was planned months if not years ago. I have some insight on alot of these dealings that go on. I will not reveal my name or how I know this, because I'm still involved in Eve Online. There is real money involved in this stuff, and its the only thing that makes eve interesting. There is another war coming after this one, that will be even bigger, but I can't go into detail about that one, because well, I have an investment in that, and don't want to give away too much, for I'm not trying to reveal my true identity. But I wanted to share some food for thought…. get ready, because this is only the beginning leading to a much bigger war.

  14. Seventh721 says:

    The real war will start after this one. The great war is in its early stages. This isn't really a war to be honest, its more of a "business transaction" between the moneybadger coalition and the imperium. Join sides? I don't think you should, because this is a preplanned war, between the two. What you don't know is the real plans by the Imperium and Moneybadger coalition. The real plans are total domination under one banner. In other words, a new world order in Eve online. One coalition for all! that is their goal. You see, the Imperium cannot do this under their current name, so what do you do to offset that? create a war, stir things up, and create a new name. With this new name, you go under the guise of a peaceful takeover, and take everything. But as you all know, the coalitions in the other regions are not going to stand for this, so they will take up arms and fight for their survival for the most part. Don't think because the coalitions in the other regions aren't joining sides, that they aren't planning for war, because they are! most of them are already planning pre war drills. These next few years are going to get really crazy in Eve online. The imperium cannot be allowed to let these plans come to fruition. If they are successful, they will probably never be able to be stopped! they will be way too powerful! A third coalition is forming as we speak, but its not being made publicly just yet. What you should be joining is the 3rd coalition, when it is announced that it has been formed. Guys dont' be fooled by this, take up your arms and fight against the Imperium and the Moneybadger coalition, because they are one in the same! The real war may happen in a few months to maybe a year. It will be the biggest and most important war in online gaming history! you ask me how do I know all of this? I'm an insider or spy shall you say working for the 3rd coalition of which I will not name just yet, because the timing is not right to do so. I have much insight to whats really going on, so believe me when I say these things. They will come to pass! the Imperium, and their ally, the moneybadger coalition, which can just all be named the Imperium really, has to be stopped! if you want to see a complete takeover of eve online by one coalition, then either do nothing, or take up arms with us, the 3rd coalition when we announce our existence very soon. The real Great War is getting ready to start, and it will shake up every region in eve online. Nothing will be the same after this Great War. There won't be a war that will ever supersede it, trust me when I say this. Everything you know is about to change, so take up arms with us, and fight this war, or else be a slave to imperium control, and the super military that they will be able to create, if they win this war.

  15. Hi my name is Chris Hanssen and I am a new subscriber on your YouTube Channel. I am going to have "Welcome To The Dragons" stuck in my head. So why does your ship de-cloak when you go to warp? I hope to hear from you.

  16. 974joeblow says:

    since when is a maelstrom little?

  17. Dude what you do for living? I wona do the same

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