The Green Police State Is the Prelude to Genocide

Dave Hodges

If you drive a car I’ll tax the street
If you try to sit-sit I’ll tax your seat
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
If you take a walk I’ll tax your feet
Tax man”


Americans are getting locked down as the screws are tightening and soon all the pieces needed for our subjugation are being firmly put into place. I have the globalist playbook, it is publicly available for anyone who wants to pay attention.

The Green Police State Is the Prelude to Genocide

The Globalist Path to Subjugation and Genocide

1. Deculturize America through massive immigration which will move economic and political power to the Constitutionally ignorant. When the pretense of having Constitutional rights is finally stripped away, 30 million illegals will never know what hit them because they have never enjoyed freedom. Meanwhile, the sheer weight of their numbers is destroying hospitals, overcrowding schools and generally draining our social services. The face of America has changed. America is now proof that if you take on enough third world immigrants, you will become a third world country. Mission accomplished, this objective has been achieved.

2. Deindustrialize America through a series of free trade agreements in which millions of jobs are sent out of the country. This objective has been met. Additionally, Obamacare will destroy the backbone of the American middle class, small businesses, as these owners cannot afford the Obamacare mandates of coverage and hope to stay in business. Deindustrializing America, through cap and trade policies, originating out of the bogus global warming policies, are the excuse to put these irrelevant controls in based on a fiction.

The establishment of the Green Police State is the key step in the domestication objectives of the super elite. The Green Police will prevent individual food independence by diving small farmers out of business through onerous EPA and FDA regulations. The lack of food independence will make the public vulnerable. In contrived tough times (i.e. following false flag events), the American people will lose their ability to resist the encroaching tyranny. The establishment of the Green Police State will condition America to accept everything that will follow. 

3. A series of false flag attacks will bring about martial law and subsequent gun confiscation, the bulk of this task will be conducted by foreign troops.This development will prevent the American people from defending themselves. Much of the public has been so desensitized and dumbed down that they will never know what has hit them. America will resist, but not in enough numbers to make a difference.

4. The globalists will control all food production and artificial food shortages will be used to crowd people into densely populated urban centers for temporarily relief. Food shortages, accomplished through the GMO poisoning of our food supply resulting in sterilization of both farm animals and crops will greatly reduce the available food supply. This reduction in food supply will be utilized to control and then cull most of the population.

5. A New World Order based entirely on Agenda 21 principles will be firmly put into place. Through the science of transhumanism, a hell on earth society will be created and dissidence will be impossible because of the invasive security and surveillance employed by the minions who serve the globalist agenda.

The remainder of this article will focus on stage two, the establishment of the Green Police State, in order to demonstrate how far along are the plans to subjugate humanity through the use of the green agenda which will bring in cap and trade and more Agenda 21 policies. .

The Green Agenda

Isave planet kill self have repeated myself over and over again. The global elite simply love global warming/climate change because it gives them the justification to regulate every single aspect of our lives. Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and her global elite puppeteers, desperately want to control every aspect of your life in the name of saving the environment.

Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi met with Beijing officials to secure an international agreement which would impose tighter restrictions on economic activity in order to deal with the perceived global warming threat. Pelosi stated that “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory.” In one statement, Pelosi adeptly showed China what a real communist looks like, sounds like and smells like. Beware, because a re-elected Obama , operating in an unchecked second term, answers to nobody and he is making the same noise as Pelosi did three years ago. Hold on to your wallets America because here comes the Green Police State.

The President has bragged that under his plan, a cap and trade plan, that utility rates will “necessarily skyrocket.” We are months away from witnessing the implementation of this brand of eco-terrorism.

Should America think that President Obama is kidding about our utility rates skyrocketing? Armed with executive orders, Obama has shown the propensity to bypass Congress and in the spirit of any despot,make his own laws. Further, his cap and trade plan favors big business as he allows larger corporations to buy their way of out the coming environmental restrictions.

Similar to Al “global warming” Gore who pays an average utility bill of $10,000 per month, yet, Gore keeps getting exposed for the inconvenient fraud that he is.

Pelosi has joined the “do as I say, not what I do” carbon taxing crowd. The Greens tell us that air travel is one of the most heinous environmental events. Then why, according to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, is Pelosi treating the United States Air Force as her own personal airline while she spread her co2 across America. Additionally, Pelosi is so environmentally conscious that she contributes to overpopulation by just the sheer size of her family as according to the globalists, one of the prime causes of global warming is overpopulation and Pelosi lays claim to five children and seven grandchildren. President Obama’s top science advisor and long-time population-control advocate, John Holdren, would theoretically consider each little Pelosi as a substantial planetary burden. Yet, Pelosi’s eco-marxism continues on, unabated, while some local governments are presently buying heat sensors, and have plans to drive through your neighborhood, to determine if your house is leaking heat, and then fine you accordingly. Welcome to Pelosi’s duplicitous world of inventorying everything we own or do.

Has America ever seen a President “jet around” the country like Obama where he seems to be perptually on vacation as “the President and Pelosi fiddle as the country burns.” What about global warming Mr. President?

According to our President, in order to save the planet, every aspect of our lives must be subjected to the Pelosi inventory. We could vote out the scoundrels, such as Pelosi. However, Americans had become an uneducated, ignorant, lazy electorate. I am growing more convinced that most of the people are simply going to save every last dime as we prepare to pay the globalists our hard earned money for the right to heat our homes and drive our cars, while the super elite flaunt their duplicitous standards.

The Green Police State and the Impending Homelessness of Virginia Farver

Ft. Collins, Colorado resident Virginia Farver is becoming one of millions of poster children for the establishment of the Green Police State. As a guest on The Common Sense Show, Ms. Farver revealed that she could be homeless by this Friday, February 14, 2014.

At one time, Ft. Collins offered unhappy residents with an opt out program in which utility customers could pay a fee and opt of the installation of a smart meter on their home. Now, Ft. Collins officials have unilaterally decided to not honor the opt out program as those opposed to smart meters are being met with city officials and armed police at their doors, as Ft. Collins intimidates all of its residents into accepting smart meters through the use local swat teams. Smart meter swat teams are intimidating everyone who dare oppose the installation of a smart meter on their home. Ft. Collins city officials have even swat teamed the handicapped and even an 86 year old lady.

Virginia Farver and her husband are not about to be intimidated and have stared down these monsters and has refused to give up their right to opt out of having a smart meter placed on their home. Virginia Farver has until this Friday, February 14, to allow the installation of a smart meter on their home or her power will be shut off. The winters in Northern Colorado can be extreme and this could become a life-threatening event. Virginia will be appearing on The Common Sense Show from 910PM to 930PM (CST) this Sunday evening (February 16) in order to discuss the latest developments.


Just like Virginia Farver, we are at war and the stakes have never been higher as humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. This marks the elite’s control over everything.

We live in time where our health care will soon be rationed, along with our gas and now we are looking at the serious curtailment of energy use while we struggle to exist in a world of double standards. However, I believe that nothing will be as heinous as the unveiling of the Green Police State.

If we permit the super elite to fully establish a Green Police State, the fulfillment of the rest of the globalist agenda designed to cull the population will become a downhill venture. This eco-subjugation cannot be allowed to be completed, our every lives depend on resisting.

Many are beginning to say that the only thing that can derail the impending train wreck that awaits millions of Americans, are 50 million armed Americans. It is sad that if it has come to that and I hope that America can find another way to preserve our country. I am hoping that calmer heads can prevail and we can find a nonviolent manner in which to oppose the establishment of a Green Police State. My fear is that we will bypass the civil disobedience stage and proceed directly to eventual civil war.

So goes Virginia Farver, so goes the nation. This is our Saratoga, our Ft. McHenry, our Gettysburg and our Midway, all rolled into one. We are at the tipping point of subjugation. If we do not stop these Agenda 21 forces, we will be sewing humanity’s seeds of destruction. If we allow the Green Police State to take full control of American society WE WILL NEVER RECOVER AND THERE WILL NO TURNING BACK THE INEVITABLE DEPOPULATION AGENDA!

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  1. Folks the time for bellyaching and crying is over, the time for a choice is at hand.

    How are you going to fix the immigration problem? How are you going to hold politicians responsible? How do you fix the abuse of powers of the illegal unconstitutional czars, EPA, DOE. DOE, Federal Reserve, etc? How are you going ot disarm and retrain the police ata all levels? how are you going to rein in the fbi, cia, nsa, batf, and the 100 plus other secret federal police forces with swat teams? How are you going to rein in the IRS, the fda, and the depts of health, welfare and food?

    I think that all this baloney about a third party, protesting, voting, etc is nothing more than being to scared to move to Maine and help us secede.

    Anyone that really wants to be free, anyone will to accept the risk and responsibilities of freedom, has a choice, move to Maine, now, and help us secede, or resign yourself and your posterity to serfdom or slavery in the US and the rest of the world.

    The US Constitution does not allow for the correction of the above mentioned problems, Maine’s Constitution does. Read Article One Sections 1-3.

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