The Hidden Knowledge behind Illuminati Symbolism! How It Works 2016


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  1. butch an says:

    just jumble it all up,, show it all in a blur with a bunch of noise,, yeah that will work!

  2. Dale Norby says:

    Now lets visualize the building structure on the temple mount1. A building foundation wall will be erected 200 meters around the dome of the rock.2 A the wall will have a hexogram shape its  hight 9m. From this construction the star of David will protrude outwards around the hexogram wall becoming a fortification and will slant outwards .3. A large stair case with the second hexogram will become the main center peice, an extra 9 meters in hight. The top will be structured as the ancient layout of solomans temlpe but its center will house the arc which will be covered in glass and the finest stone work and wood found on earth. Sll manner of presious stones will adorn the walls and walking area around each of the seperate buildings.

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