The History of Call of Duty: CoD3, Modern Warfare, & World at War (2006-2008) (Part 3)


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  1. I felt that Call of Duty 3 was fantastic, but it's a shame that it was so rushed. It could have been amazing, especially if it got a PC release. It would probably have had an even longer lifespan on PC. Curse you, Activision! Oh, and you forgot to add that before Treyarch was Treyarch, they were Gray Matter Studios, and they worked on the Call of Duty expansion pack "United Offensive".

  2. RochRich says:

    I can't imagine CoD without zombies. If it wasn't for that game mode, I would have probably stopped playing CoD for multiplayer after BO2.

  3. Hege6996 says:

    Relaxing end confirmed

  4. Halo 3 was still the most played game of 2007, 2008 & 2009 on Xbox live though. Loved the video though.

  5. cyriptobi137 says:

    CoD 3 was not well received, the campaign was okay but a step back and the multiplayer sucked. Even Treyarch acknowledges that it wasn't well received as in interviews they said the game got a lot of hate.

  6. Good job Drift0r and Ragnar! I actually didn't realize that Infinity Ward wasn't the sole creator of the CoD series until playing Black Ops. This video definitely shows how videogames are part the developer's vision and part publisher's market analysis. I find it funny that you mention the WW2 genre oversaturating the market in that time, while nowadays I can't help but laugh at the names of the CoD titles such as the upcoming Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

    Would it be possible to discuss the "Sequel Syndrome" in the video game industry? The CoD video series has done a great job showing a part of that syndrome. While I don't want to anger any fans of the CoD franchise and other titles such as Assasin's Creed that seem to use the same tried-and-true formula for their iterative development process, I do want to see what is being or can be done to breathe more creativity into those recurring titles.

  7. John steve says:

    'There once was a hero named Ragnar the red, who came riding to Whiterun from old Rorikstead' was the first thing I thought of when I heard the name 'Ragnar'

  8. Leslie Lewis says:

    yay Modern Warfare ended all ww2 gameplay I love black ops3 and treyarch but now knowing the real history I'm going to try and open my heart to infinity ward sorry I truly haven't liked any of their games yet

  9. XxAirbornexX says:

    I miss call of duty :/

  10. The Pro says:

    +Drift0r plz make more. This videos are so interesting.

  11. Spanish subtitule plz!

  12. I skipped to the multiplayer part…. Lol

  13. uni patudi says:

    Never played any of these COD's

  14. PoptartLax32 says:

    Peep RelaxingEnd at 3:10

  15. Mang OB says:

    I think it's funny that most people who played the old cods found that WaW was their favorite. Cod4 was technically much better, but I feel like WaW was mot peoples favorite.(except for the newcomers that think bo2 was the best)

  16. Rookie says:

    I miss having tanks in multiplayer.
    I miss having dogs.
    I miss having the M2 as a perk.

  17. TheOwlsTyler says:

    This really shows how much Infinity Ward and Treyarch are held back by Activison. If IW and Treyarch formed into one company and had full control of COD, the games would see a drastic improvement, I'm sure.

  18. Running Man says:

    It seems like after mw2 it all went downhill from there….Well I really liked black ops so after black ops it all went straight down to hell but so damn glad we're having a COD 4 remastered!

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