THE HISTORY OF THE TURKISH AND OTTOMAN EMPIRE – Discovery History Ancient Culture (full documentary)




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  1. aciz kul says:

    Soon we will be back..

  2. Tugay Balci says:

    I'm sorry for all my fellow retard Turks who don't know our history.Please know that there are others.

  3. Why using Moroccan sites in this video? Morocco never was under the Ottoman empire concurrence!!


  5. Apollo Creed says:

    why name a country after a bird

  6. ne sandin yarrraaaammmm

  7. Help Signed my petition and share, so we can ABOLISH COLUMBUS DAY. He rewarded His settlers with young girls to rape and lets not forget the Genocide he caused, then try and lie about his discovery of America.

  8. TruthHunter says:

    This documentary misses some key points about the start of the empire.

  9. It's fuckin ironic that all western people condeming emperializm of a country like Ottoman Empire directly exclude nazis and commies big consumerist holocausts from western history. lots of people from different races lived very peacefully for several centuries meanwhile first Jewish holocausts happening in England. Stop readn fuckn Hammer he didn't see even one document from Ottomons in his life and didn't know Turkish. All information in this documentary comes from him

  10. Sinan 57:55 the greatest Ottoman Architect was in fact named Joseph an Armenian/Greek Janissary who converted to Islam as were all Jannissaries who were Christian boys taken into strict military service and were the Sultans personal army
    No Muslim was allowed to become Janissary untill about 1700's

  11. So based on Turkish arguments they should relocate the 15M Kurds because PKK and other Kurdish groups are fighting for freedom…

  12. Overall a good documentary, no one disputes the achievements of the Ottomans as a great empire, but in its dying days they committed horrendous massacres to cleanese the lands from Christian Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians & Arameans over 3.5M were killed.

  13. serhan orhan says:

    Hot oil is not Greek fire lol

  14. Joco Mlad says:

    Its hard to explain the truth of what happend. . Turks in the early days would of lost alot of fights! Turks were very educated and literate but were not aloud to publish a defeat of the forces of allah and islam in archives. . Such as the battle of kosovo against the serbs, bayazid the remaining turkish leader returned back to turkey or alleged he had ran away with the survivors, murad and jakub celebi were killed. . It states lazar and milos obilic were killed also, big debate is how and when? Vlatko vukovic returned to bosnia telling people they beat the turks, bells rang at noon all over europe, notre damme, venice, budapest and vienna to name a few. . Not 1 turk soldier remained in serbia after the battle of kosovo! They did not return for 100 years after 1389. . By now your wondering wow it looks realistic what i have just said. . These events happend, not only in serbian literature but other European literature aswell. . Hidden sides of the ottoman story!

  15. fuck the ottoman empire they never took Croatia!

  16. Ottoman Empire never excist. Western States called it Turkish Empire and the Turks State Familie!
    The Ottoman coat of arms was made from the not correct friends (englishenemy) at 1882.

  17. The tourkikos are hiding something. Notice how their early history is unknown. Maybe they have a secret of how they became so strong.

  18. avangerx says:

    It is a dire mistake to judge the history with todays views and moral values. Afterall the human rights that we know today only exist for about 60 years or so….

  19. grace womack says:

    when a …"civilization" … and I do say that loosely….refuses to accept there is evil among them….they are all guilty of the deeds, done by the evildoers… sounds to me like the Turks are that … "civilization"… and I truly do mean …civilized, loosely.

  20. kazamify says:

    Full of errors. Early Ottomans didn't read from Quran????????? Not true at all.

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