THE HORDE! – Arma 3: DayZ Exile – Ep.1


Watch out for the horde!! Playing with SadaPlays! Big thanks to Maca, modded DayZ Exile run by CCG …


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  1. Grey Sunwalk says:

    Sada went out like a boss

  2. Tyler Wing says:

    I remember when I was little my Xbox name was Superbambi367 because I loved Francis videos and I still do

  3. Rick Slick says:

    Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da da Can you do another star wars video/gameplay/

  4. That intro was AWESOME

  5. this is so fuckin epic

  6. The Ending was epic!

  7. what server is that

  8. what server is that

  9. WillBeEpic says:

    Best and most epic ending

  10. Elijah Bigos says:

    looking at the train station in the beginning after the 4th ep……. super cool

  11. LevelSk8er says:

    That ending though

  12. Looked like the endor scene at the end

  13. Leco Nash says:

    This amazing, Dope team work, even better gameplay

  14. That was truly amazing XD

  15. Kevin Garcia says:

    What the name of te song? At the begining

  16. myzz R says:

    Dope dude !

  17. Sean Curran says:

    that ending was EPIC!!

  18. Yonii963 says:

    Hey Frankie!
    lov your video's 😀
    I recent bought the game because of your video's, but I don't find a server like this DayZ Exile? Do I have to download something?

  19. Frankie what processor do you use, my arma 3 doesn't run properly even though all my hard ware is stress tested to run arma maxed out.

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