THE ICONIC MP40! – Call of Duty: World at War w/ EliteShot


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  1. Shawn I love your vids they make me laugh and smile and get me through rough times my girlfriend broke up with me and I lost my job and I had to live at my friends house for 2 months and I wanted to g e up now I have a awesome job 2 step children and a wife during the period I watched your videos and I wasn't depressed when ever I did so thanks Shawn your awesome.

  2. Black ops please it's been awhile an it's my fav cod

  3. Alex Torres says:

    By far the besd CoD game

  4. I'm Already see the 2 minute and I like it man u always be my favorite u tuber ??

  5. haha where r u going back haha why leaving like that I know that feeling when u do u best and some stupid kids use hack to lose u don't sad man

  6. I completely agree with you dude. I've been craving a WW2 fps for soooooooo long. lol

  7. I love your channel

  8. Play AW for the next frag back friday

  9. panda hands says:

    play cod 1 or 2

  10. use the mosin nagget on call of duty world at war

  11. To much futuristic games need waw 2 to come out

  12. yo bro u are definitely the best in my book based my play to urs and most def. improved a lot hope to catch up in a game sum time

  13. black ops 2 sniping

  14. I thought that black bottle was lube lol

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