The Illuminati and Peak Oil 3 Senarios



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  1. Adam Hintz says:

    I wan't aware of this happening.

  2. Adam Hintz says:

    I'll be grinning ear to ear. 😀

  3. dnHooligan says:

    our wonderful presidente fits all the characteristics of a sociopath.

  4. seymour hersh sees this as a ploy to isolate iran

  5. wow adam you pack a lot into a video
    nice work

  6. dnHooligan says:

    y'know…i'm not much into guns n sheeit, but the founders of this country would have had bush 'swingin on the gallows pole' a few years ago.

  7. Adam Hintz says:

    Thanks, I try to make it as dynamic as I can yet still be educational. Kind of like Bill Nye or Beakmans World. 🙂

  8. mikezephyr says:

    a couple of my friends already had to sell off their cars because of high gas prices and insurance too. it seems as if cars and long distance travel will become a thing of conspicous consumption. kinda like when the rich had old timey cars back when they came out.

  9. Adam Hintz says:

    The next generation may never experience air travel. Times they are a changing.

  10. RubiconJohn says:

    great video Adam 🙂

  11. DANE842 says:

    Great vid Adam.

  12. Deathicorn says:

    I don't know man they've been doing this since the end of prehistory and all through history up to this present state. You don't think tey have mulitple backup plans? I have a few ideas. I'm not saying your right but I'm not saying your wrong.

  13. Adam Hintz says:

    Thanks for your candor. I don't think they have any backup plans that will actually work. Kind of like there plan to make Iraq into a triving democracy. They're power is based on the society that is built right now. On the shoulders of the second and thrid world with out the energy to keep them in line they're doomed. I'm more than happy to hear other opinions on this matter.

  14. Adam Hintz says:

    I appreciate the affirmation. This reflects my overall thoughts on the NWO. I doesn't mean they're toothless tigers, but the realities of reduce energy availability will make all of their actions moot.

  15. SOCRATES012 says:

    we cant even spell facism……..let alone understand how we will create a better place to live.

    all i suggest is learn to love yourself and everything around you

  16. quiksix25 says:

    …and ignore that planet Earth is being sucked dry and polluted to the point of no return. But shhhh don't talk about it, just love yourself and do nothing, right? Let the billions that can't feed themselves starve once the climate doesn't allow us to create enough food for everyone. Just love them and that will fill there bellies. Action is needed.

  17. Balance is key….one love

  18. Nick D says:

    @Tirius9393 lmfao what resources. America has no manufacturing industry, most of America is urbanized=no nature=no resources, and all resources oil included are imported to America from off sea platforms or other countries (Iran, Afghanistan?) If anything the troops will be placed there to stop people from leaving your beautiful little time bomb you call America. Canada has the resources, and you faggots will try to take what is ours. We have to unite, your knowledge and our resources.

  19. LtSgt5 says:

    So the elite's greatest money maker is their own undoing, I would've thought they were genius's. I must've been wrong, because they act more like children.

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