The Illuminati And The Creation Of The New World Order



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  1. wolffl60 says:

    Very informative, thanks for posting this video!

  2. Riyun72 says:

    Watch V for Vendetta.

  3. shantiq says:

    some very good especially first half

    some maybe not so

    i enjoin you to view anything by david icke on this site

    much more in depth methinks

    peace shan

  4. Louy louy lie, aa man just make it one world already! I am Hawaiian, I lost my island years back so the can put there bases out here, can not get em back,, so just bring on one world and get use to it like we had too!

  5. gmhslr says:

    gggrrrrr. 12 mins from the end this video stops playing for no reason. I get a message saying the user has it copywrited.

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