The Illuminati cards- Combined Disasters (London Olympics) 2012 Attack



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  1. Alf Stewart says:

    Look at the card "An Offer You Can't Refuse".
    I'm thinking that is to do with the American people giving up their right to protect themselves with guns.

  2. It predicted the 911 attacks and the pentagon 

  3. No need to call me an idiot because you disagree

  4. You can write to me at robbyracket on youtube or add me

  5. No need to call me or anyone an idiot in fact I hope that I am wrong , why would I want top be right but no need for name calling. Peace

  6. I do not know how true it is I just research this stuff and see. I mean there something worth to look at and I need to get the cards and look at them and keep an open mind to anything! :)

  7. you are sooo wrong. hahahaha im glad you two fucks wasted this much time. and to think you pompous bastards were walking around saying that the olympics is going to be attacked. fucking morons. 

  8. We help prevent the attacks by exposing this and hence it did not happen. ;)

  9. you personally did not help anyone. in fact this video did not help anyone. your just a dumb fuck. theres caturday videos with more views than this. 

  10. I rather be wrong then right that's for sure :)

  11. Not all all we are relieved it did not happen. Who wants death? 

  12. Nice try, but if you start at the last card and work toward the first card it will make more sense. the spaceman told us all about it a while back. almost all of it has already happened.

  13. tTe guy who made the game had a in with the Illuminati and made money on it and the Illuminati did not even care. they wanted us to know about their plans for the world. they are so irrigate.

  14. Robert it has all happened already.

  15. Larry this vid was done last summer!

  16. Robert, I am undone, and unable to join you again on your chat. James using his power at of ning and
    12160 has deleted me and I can no longer be of any use to you or anyone.
    Thank you for all you do for us.Try as I may I cant even send you a Goodbye message, or to Mario either.. You are lcked into Ning and 12160 and there is no way around it.
    Goodby my friend.

  17. Larry u can watch us onon YouTube 

  18. BigGlokk says:

    "Combined DIsasters" TWO bombs went off in Boston….

  19. dont you guys get it … the combined disasters already happened!!! that tower you see is the clock tower in japan .. the japanese earthquake caused the fukushima radiation disaster .. combined DISASTERS!! the west coast is full of radiation and millions are gonna die if they keep going in that water

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