The Illuminati EXPOSED : Case Closed ( part 1 of 3 )


exposes every aspect of the Illuminati ; entertainment , government , the media . If there was ever a documentary that you must see , it is just that.


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  1. George Smith says:

    Yo, some people are gay. Get the fuck over it.

  2. lamia castro says:

    R.I.P JFK please let your soul warn all innocence from evil… like me 🙂

  3. thomas paddy says:

    now you have heard it from the people in the industrie…so you have no excuses guys

  4. Ajax says:

    many of you just watch videos like these yet you don't change.. if you want to change it will be hard believe that.. but it is worth it..

  5. Ajax says:

    btw freemasons used to be at war with the illuminati, once you really understand this you will also understand why hitler did what he did. he goes back to the pagans

  6. Dave chappel is the obvious person to go to for a warning sign. He said " i connect dots that shouldnt be connected" then he started to get shy and doubt that he should have said it. I was watching a vid on michael jackson exposing the illuminati and he said " my album is #1 all over the world except the U.S. Because of CONSPIRACY reasons." then he was saying " i dont wanna say to much," ( doubting his comment) " i dont wanna say to much BECAUSE IM HURTING." i think that he said it as an excuse

  7. DEadJACK4090 says:

    lol look how uncomfortable oprea look while dave chappelle is talking. (to me) it looks like she is trying to indicated, Are you really doing this?

  8. I heard that artists who died and didn't repent are burning in hell
    as long as you believe in jesus and pray for him
    you won't have to worry

  9. Ticon112 says:

    Look at how uncomfortable and creeped out eminem looks standing next to lady gaga; like someone who's seen a ghost…

  10. how do i raise my son in this crazy world.

  11. @ 9:20 "everybody loves rain man" (the devil)

  12. cdub722 says:

    the only thing that got me thinking is the girl in the beginning about people signing their name in blood(still verrry vague)im still a TINY bit torn on this subject but what i do believe strongly is that katy perry is NOT a part of the come on!selling your soul to the devil is a saying thats been around for decades,dont get it twisted plus theres no other "proof" with her.get off her back.people are always trying to change things around and come up with bullshit excuses

  13. Joe Turner says:

    Whats the odds most people who believe this either did or do smoke weed or do need a trip to the nuthouse?

  14. Tell your son not to believe everything he sees in the crazy part of youtube and hopefully he'll be fine…

  15. Jay Jay says:

    Nobody has to believe in illuminati..won't stop them from doing what they do. Just like all the rap haters, they still making they money. To whoever the idiot that said they'd comment and say his name…you're not important, nobody commenting on this is worth their attention because they don't have influence over the people. If you can get a group or a city even to change and commit to something, you have power in this world; and best believe you WILL get a phone call or visit..

  16. Jay Jay says:

    There's no need to bring up a specific religion because EVERY religion has belief is gnostic teachings, and EVERY religion has had people who kept the mysteries sacred and away from the common man. Bottom line is, messages are portrayed in music videos and lyrics. It's not just about gang banging, women, and drugs any more. More and more artists are speaking about the spiritual war going on. Why even mention the devil in your lyrics if you don't believe? Why mention God if he doesn't exist?THINK

  17. Did you really have to play that dave chapelle clip 3 times? Pretty sure we got it the 1st time.

  18. katy perry's first single was "you're so gay"

  19. brady oleary says:

    the Nicki Minaj part was so wrong lol the girl didnt look scared she looked turned on

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