The illuminati Exposed (The Movie)



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  1. God is by faaaaar more powerfull that them the devil is lost!!

  2. thats why I dont like Alex jones anymore cause all he do is making them look even better!!

  3. is it me or Im seing a grey alien on the logo of bush stand at minute 51.22

  4. Jeremy Reed says:

    RIP George Carlin

  5. the only way to fight is by not buying any luxury stuff and disown and credit cards and do not take any new loans, however hard they try to show the money into your pockets

  6. "Why is it so difficult for the general people to understand how Freemasonry and/or the Illuminati and the true enlightened ones made human lives comfortable, resourceful and livable through the aspect of technology, obviously by God`s grace? Why do the so called conspiracy theorists keep tarnishing the images of those who have actually transformed humanity from the primitive stage of evolution of mankind and that they fail to understand, discern and logically analyse that it is those who have transformed and reformed humanity are the very same people of the fraternity of Freemasonry and/or Illuminati? Why do the general people like to rely more on hypocrisy and fake aspects of life(which have no meaning nor any logical sense nor contribute positively in any way through ignorance, negligence, inhumaneness, negativity, arrogance and at the same time causing fake conspiracy ideas to confuse the innocent people) instead of understanding, analysing and discerning themselves with the power of free-will(God gifted Free-Will and Wisdom) the sacred ancient, logical, authentic and ethical positive truths of life and in a united manner support, respect and honour the fraternity for their words, thoughts, deeds and actions(which are in true accordance to the Holy Teachings of every religious book that has ever existed throughout the course of history) towards the positive welfare of humanity, nature and the cosmological universe ultimately? Wake up dear people of the futuristic Free, Positive and Transcendental world tomorrow and stop focusing on fake and illogical conspiracy theories and lies being spread by idle-minded conspiracy theorists and gossipers(who waste precious God gifted time and energy to cause fake aspects and for cheap narrow-minded publicity) and start focusing on authentic reality and authentic logical positive truths that are present right before your very eyes and that have been created by the enlightened ones right from the very beginning of infinite time, by God`s grace. As the famous saying goes,"Seek and YOU shall find." How will you "Seek" if you do not choose to "Find" for yourselves? How will you "Seek" if YOU do not voluntarily choose to "Do" what is positively right in an authentic, logical, transcendental and ethical manner by YOUR individual selves?"——-Rayan Webster Pinto

  7. does anyone know who produced the music in the beginning of this video?!

  8. NJ R says:

    superstitious shit

  9. Vicious - says:

    may god bless the world Amen to everyone. JESUS CHRIST

  10. BRICS is Brazil Russia India China and South Africa NOT Indonesia.

  11. shah jahan says:

    people are not jerks , they know this is happening , but they have no option , nobody likes politicians , what can you do , how many politicians can you kill in a month ?

  12. Adam Vaile says:

    What is the tune at the very end called?

  13. lina begum says:

    Its so true that the government does not give a fuck about you me or any other. Its all about the new world order. Whatever the illuminates want they'll get or will do, look at what they did to there own people the 911, if anyone still believes it was a terrorist attack, my God you must be stupid period. These elites have an agenda to fulfil and us the people have to wake up. Alone we can do nothing but together we can bring the new world order down.

  14. Juan León says:

    Thank You very much , much , much , much . Amm historically the owl representatives empowered war Godess Women , The name ? , Inanna Ishtar , Lilith etc. , she representatives his interestings against God Marduk ( his uncle , in Sumerian texts ) , and sex-magical rituals has a central domine against Human Beings , because his weakness about pleasures .

  15. Idunno 6000 says:

    Well if this is somehow legit enjoy the nsa tracking ye

  16. Wauw this is so real! I can totally relate to this. This is just my life. Thank for making this fantastic video and this increases my intelligence.

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