The Illuminati Exposers Exposed



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  1. It would take me a long time trying to tell you or even show you. Not sure if your aware of Babylonia or there history but you can start from there if you want. The proof is right there, I don't want to get into 9/11 but build 7 was a perfect example.

  2. The building had a steel from and just fell like the others? It wasn't even hit. All I'm saying is try to look into it yourself and you will see things that add up and make sense. Believe theses little kids are heavily influenced by the crap that's being but out so it if it benefits you to know about all the gay fashion in the hip hop culture being brought on by the music industry go try on a pair of skinnies and make a video on how good they look. Shit Kanye wears a damn purse!

  3. They have even had presidents like bush senior get up and talk about it. Google it and watch the video for yourself

  4. The depopulation agenda and the use of entertainment for brainwashing and a distraction of the masses.

  5. Monoxide AJ says:

    If taking away our rights or constitution isn't enough to fight back then what is you close minded douche

  6. Tim Black says:

    How will you fight back exactly? First thing first: move out your mothers house Breastmilk

  7. Tim Black says:

    Dude that's not the Illuminati that's people in a capitalistic society trying to get rich.

  8. Yeah you are damn right, why the hell should we spend any energy on that topic, giving it TO them, making them even more powerful. But when you do illuminati research you learn a lot more other stuff about mankind and its development and what role certain groups played in the human history. For sure illuminati are just one society and the real human knowledge goes even deeper than all these videos and conspiracies. In fact the illuminati are to be considered stupid in context of the…

  9. …ancient knowledge of mankind. But what the videos tell us is that for sure they use the media, especially the music industry to mislead us. Nobody should be lead by media at all. It is all about the control of our bodies, our souls and our minds and the illuminati only play a part of it, but as it is a big part there are so many videos and information about them. Some of them are not authentic. But this "overload" is better than just do not caring about what is happening on this planet.

  10. A lot of people still do not realize that they are mind controlled and hypnotized by their television. Some British call it "telly", haha ­čśÇ It tells you what to do..

  11. He is not ignorant. He did a video about it, how could this be ignorance?

    And he is talking some serious shit. A lot of people wasted time and energy on the NWO stuff, including me.

    Well at 2:50 he is just making fun of what actually is there. But interdimensionals beings does not automatically "belong" to illuminati.

    Ok talking about "just a marketing plan" is a big ignorant. Most media are in the hands of some few and who becomes famous is not by random. For sure you can call it a plan.

  12. LOL @ 4:00 – As I said a lot of stuff nowadays flagged as "illuminati" is just false information. I already did research on that topic when nearly nobody was talking about secret societies. Today everyone with the skill to use an ordinary video editing software can spread "secret" illuminati information, lol. Youtube is not the best information source at all, but there are very good and informationally deep videos on youtube with controversial content like the Medical Mafia (Ghislaine Lanctot)..

  13. mords says:

    So well fucking said.´╗┐

  14. kyle mills says:

    The Illuminati is an┬áexcuse for┬ácorruption on a large scale. ┬áIt's a shame people put a bad name on 'conspiracy' like calling everyone in media Illuminati. ┬ábecause i do believe there are some people who do┬áconspire to corruption. ┬áThe Illuminati is just a cop out for corruption and greed in some of our worlds leaders. ┬áAnd about E.T. the majority of scientists and physicists believe in extraterrestrials, we are not getting abducted any time soon and mars is not going to attack, BUT the math says other life should exist in the universe.´╗┐

  15. dcaseng says:

    I don't believe in any devil OR Illuminati crap, but I DO believe there are people who believe in that stuff, and that is JUST as dangerous as if those things really existed. Corruption and evil will ALWAYS exist as long as there are people with money and the influence that comes with it.
    Just because people become corrupt from power doesn't mean a devil is behind it. Humans are bad by NATURE, and they don't need a devil to make them do evil things. Greed and lust for power are a huge part of the human condition, but people always need to blame it all on outside forces like the devil. The Illuminati is no different than any other religion or cult, because it's just a TOOL used to manipulate idiots with.

    Celebrities flash these signs because it keeps people talking about them, and allows these people to retain an air of mystery around them. Just ask yourself WHY Jay Z CONTINUES to fuel talk of him being involved with this "Illuminati" by constantly flashing that dumbass pyramid sign every chance he gets?
    Because it WORKS! It keeps him in the limelight and although he's no longer actually producing anything worthy of such attention, the illuminati garbage keeps him in circulation. These people LIVE for fame and fortune, which is why they marry each other in order to create these phony "SUPER COUPLES" everyone talks about.
    It's ALSO why Beyonc├ę continues to make "satanic" videos that keep people wondering about hats going on.
    The more you see these so called illuminati symbols, the more you know it's FAKE. If there really is such an organization, they certainly don't want everyone KNOWING about them, or their motives.

    They supposedly have the power to kill off all these famous celebrities for "speaking out" against them, but allow countless Youtube posters to post hundreds of anti illuminati conspiracy videos on the internet? Grow up, stop buying into bullshit conspiracies, and go outside and get a life.´╗┐

  16. I thought you was smart Tim, lets just pray that your words don't come back to bite you in the butt. People will start caring when their family on the line. Homie it's bigger than the puppets like the┬áentertainers,┬áNBA, Disney, Hollywood movies, using it for mass hypnosis since the beginning of time. ┬á┬áthey have the┬áGovernment ect., With an agenda Marshal Law, RFID chips the mark of the beast ( Helping Prophecy to┬áfore fill then God will chop them down)┬á┬áthere is a┬álaw is in place to┬ámake Americans get this chip.┬á┬á They want to rid this place of 1.5billion people Youtube it Bill Gates with their plan that's been in effect for some time, why you think America has the most Cancer┬áthe chemicals to┬áwhat they're putting in the food┬áwe buy from the store which has been FDA approved, The people tried to fight back.┬áNow from Chem-trails (which is through the air and GM foods). It's real man. But they can be stop if people open their eyes. They controlled slavery but God freed us, it's deep man research before you knock it. I still love you Im a new follower and share your vids all the time. I┬áLove that your out spoken.´╗┐

  17. lemsip says:

    The reason is to find some culture other than mainstream culture.┬á Read old European folk tales rather than watch Disney films that are based on them and then changed to make them more palatable.´╗┐

  18. lemsip says:

    The left don't like these pop starlets as the entertainment business is financially exploitative and it doesn't give a chance for real musicians with talent.┬á They earn fortunes while the middle class declines and the poor get poorer so they should be taxed a lot more.┬á Daily Mail readers tut tut at pop starlets willing to get their clothes off and feminists say they are exploited into becoming sex symbols.┬á The right blame the illuminati to get across the message that capitalism can't be tamed and contained a bit more by a more left wing political party taking power such as Syrizia in Greece.´╗┐

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