The Illuminati GAME – TRUMP vs CLINTON! The DEVIL is at WORK with BOTH!!


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  1. You are right brother. The Secret Satanic New World Order Deep State government wants a World War which subjugates the people of this planet. The real power right now is with a branch of the NWO, which is the global banks, oil companies, and mega corporations.

  2. I think Illuminati fucked us all puttin' on the political scene those two dumpers. No matter which one we would choose; both of them will be a complete mess for the United States.

  3. I love your videos.

  4. well now you have all the people who like donuts wanting to vote for him!

  5. hanief karim says:

    Different sides of the same coin

  6. let it end already! I want JESUS to come back.

  7. Matt Doeland says:

    Ultimately, we must acknowledge that God IS in control and is sovereign. As believers, we are told to not worry, to not be anxious, but to keep our eyes on Jesus. May nothing we say or do encourages fear but may all we do exalt JESUS!

  8. ranfis mejia says:

    "Canaan, the lowest of slaves".
    Oh wonderful America, who will save you from the brutal slavery regime of Barak Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton's.
    America, wake up now, the sooner the better!

  9. ranfis mejia says:

    The Clinton's are pure Evil all the way through! LYING, Greedy, Corrupt, Evil, POS, Clinton's! Prison for them Not the White House! IS TIME WAKE UP.

  10. So What says:

    lol donut trump

  11. kool J says:

    anonymous will protect us we will fight back

  12. Autumn Blue says:

    Voting for either is a waste of time. I am voting independent, not because my guy will win, but because I will make a statement representing more and more frustrated people. I will also sleep better at night knowing my guy isn't bought out.

  13. do not believe what the internet says

  14. Are u illuminati? Because it said ur cameraman is illuminati

  15. eddy alvarez says:

    I go with Donald trump I heard he is for real this is a pro Clinton video

  16. Amen brother, you definitely have spiritual discernment, this is all part of the "New Age Deception" created by "loserfer"? this political circus is all part of the NWO Illuminati "Hegelian dialectic" the OBAMINATION? is the One who will Rule, and poop? Francis is the False prophet! All the world's a stage??? So have no fellowship with the unfruitful workers of Darkness? rather Expose them. Ephesians 5:11 KJV?

  17. Ping Floyd says:

    United snakes of America.

  18. 2right4words says:

    HELLary is the NW0s pick… anyone who votes for Dona1d, will Only end up one their extermination lists.

  19. Thank you for your research

  20. odd hovring says:

    let me say what i think of your statement of Donald Trump. !st of all, i belive in man With a good heart. Trump is one of them. If we cant belive there is People With the heart on right Place, who can we then trust? For i belive/hope there is a movement of Christianity in USA and its gowing. Sadly the oposite is growing to. Back to Mr. Trump. He must be sent by the devil if he is not real. What if God did send him? Maby the People in USA suffer to much under this thing in the white house, obamathing, so they now pray more and more to Jesus and God for help? And God Him self see this. This is just my hope and what i pray for. I follow US since 9/11.   If i had this in my land, Norway, i be sure i pray for help. Let us give him, Trump a chance. I hope you take wrong about this Mr 7, but in US everything is "legal", so who knows. Hyclary get free from over 30 000 e-mails deleted? And eveything elsed? Wow corupt!    But personaly, i think there be  Marshall Law and obama is still in Power. W Hitlary Clinton by his right hand. I see clarly whats going on in the wordl Mr 7. God bless all of you and eveybody in this World

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