The Illuminati Killed Michael Jackson (The Shocking Story!)

22 Michael Jackson was murdered by the key modern society known as the illuminati mainly because he was a menace to them author Frank White who has penned two riveting textbooks on the illuminati that is entitled Who Are The Illuminati: The Solution Societies, Symbols, Bloodlines and The New Entire world Order and The Illuminati’s Finest Hits: Deception, Conspiracies, Murders, and Assassinations by the World’s Most Potent Solution Society examines in depth the conspiracy encompassing his murder.

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  1. he is not dead I am lieing

  2. Sg Elite says:

    Omg, so many people saying "MJ hot killed by illuminati! " i mean cmon how foolish even this video is stupid MJ hot killed by his doctor het your heads working!

  3. Are they actually controlling use through religious an education I'm freaked!!!!!

  4. I hate those dirty batters they did it he was big they were jealous the music industry is dirty….they will pay in the end I will not buy or listen to anyone under Sony fck Sony the Phony

  5. Toby Regbo says:

    Okay you can't just try and play the good guy telling us the truth while playing music that has a CLEARLY hypnotic affect on the mind with visuals that do the same thing. I've studied to become a music therapist and I know what you're doing. Don't be manipulative pleaseZ

  6. Lee RV Asshole kills jfk

  7. NoOne ? Michael Jackson

  8. Ranjeet Kaur says:

    Freak….. Micheal was not a Illuminati as the media is putting it he was a Jehovah's witness. he prayed and read the Bible. he kept God first in everything he did, so whatever he was, was because of God's grace not because this so called "Illuminati" please let not the media fool you.

  9. Tony Dial says:

    If you know so much do something about it. All that is being said here is to sell books. You have demonize the Freemasons and other fraternal organizations. People can say anything but do not know shit. M.J. knew what he was doing. Please stop your diatribe of B.S.

  10. gb69ish says:

    Interesting information, however there is no need for the background music, it's actually very distracting.

  11. So terrible to listen to tapes where background music are so disturbing.

  12. Lisa Rahman says:

    Fuck you Illuminati I love Michael Jackson thank to you and if you kill one more person I will blow up your pyramid!!!

  13. 8:45 – Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Randy. Thats 6! If you include Michael himself.

  14. #TheLastDiva says:

    And now his daughter has publically stated that she fears her father was murdered. Will they now come for her the way they did for Bobbi K Houston?

  15. Jaime Soto says:

    illuminati team whos with me /⊙

  16. Mary Clay says:

    MJ is alive he faked his own death .

  17. Jacko molested one of the sons of an Illuminati member, so they wanted him dead. They were going to kidnap jacko and torture him to death but they found a better way to punish him. He was a drug addict, so they let him overdose his stupid ass and kill himself. I wish I could have sawed his arms and legs off while he screamed like a little girl. OH MY GOD, I HATE PEDOPHILES SO MUCH!!!!!!

  18. the illuminati kill everybody! that aint true! Michael said "they're going to kill me" because of his doctor!

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