The Illuminati – Part 4 – Project Monarch, Johnny Gosch & White House Prostitution


In early 2016, I began an investigation into an FBI operation that was infiltrating the American militia movement. That investigation led me down an unexpected …


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  1. togagirl100 says:

    this is sickening, but I know it is true. SO sad.

  2. There's a picture of him in the white house with then Prez Bush leering lustfully at him. Expose their great wickedness Lord!
    Yeah! They did include the picture.
    ETNR, thank you for posting this! Hasn't heard about the book, The Franklin Cover-up, but I'll check it out.
    Ted Gunderson has a great video about his encounter with this vast problem after investigating the McMartin preschool sexual abuse case. He was a former regional director of the FBI. He tried to expose it, but the tentacles of perversion go to the highest levels – to the presidency, and beyond to the shadow gov't. Damned luciferians!
    Most of the gov't is bought or blackmailed into ignoring the truth and covering it up.
    This year more than ever we're seeing how complicit the MSM (MainStreamMedia) is in obfuscating the truth and supporting outright evil.
    More and more I am convinced this must be what pre-WW2 Germany must have felt like: the slow heating of the pan just before the frogs in the jacuzzi become the frog stew for dinner.

  3. Do you have a link to the full documentary? I'd like to watch it.

  4. angela pyle says:

    There is a movie on Netflix about Johnny, after watching the movie I looked on the internet for more details. As it sometimes happens I was lead in a different path, this one lead to the Columbine shooting. One of the surviving victims parent, claimed that Bill Clinton was part of a sex ring which involved the Columbine shooters. Apparently, the parent believe that the shooters were being harassed at school by other students because, they knew the shooters had been sexually abused by the police in their town.
    In one of the drawings made by either Eric or Dylan ,the shooter, illustrates 4 boys on their knees & cops behind them . The parents claims this was a depiction of sexual abuse.
    The boys wanted to bring the cops to the school for a shoot out & not to kill the kids. The parent also claims there was more than 2 shooters and that cops were also shooting the kids. That"s all I can remember.

  5. Falk Rovik says:

    The Mind Control projects is fascinating science. I am not sure if the US or the Russian is ahead in this research. It is OK if it used for military purposes or to avoid terrorism. If it comes into the hands of private cults or crime organizations, it is scary. I know the Scientology church is using some of the techniques, but I do not know if they have the latest where they use powerful computers.

    NSA is allegedly attempting to develop AI programs to detect terrorism threats and to use the meta data collected from the internet to predict and make analyses.

    There is also research on tapping into the brain waves and convert the brain signals to speech and send back signals. It is basically a human made Schizophrenia. The same can be done with pictures, movies etc. Fascinating, but scary technology. If States Leaders is connected to AI a lot of bad stuff can happen, so I know after Putin became a President this research was priorities, so was the research for jamming devices used at least two times in the Syrian war. It is alleged some of this technology is already in use by cults and people committing extortion. Exposed to this technology the victim has huge difficulty to difference between reality and fiction. Sometimes it is combined with Microwave signals that can create 3D holograms. They say Microsoft has included a “light” version as a feature in Windows 10 they say. In worst case this technology can create havoc and maybe also very dangerous situations.

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