The Illuminati: The Membership Conspiracy



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  1. jason mac says:

    hey man, or "the man" you should make a video talking about the "zombie" attack in miami, am surpried you didnt cover that yet lol

  2. diggerad says:

    Yeah, I know. Seems right up my ally and we've had people call for a zombie apocalypse video, but the truth is….I hate zombies. I think as monsters go, they are the stupidest thing ever invented. Might as well make a movie about viruses, which I also hate. I know a lot of people like them, but I don't. Personal preference. However, if enough people say something about it, I guess I'll make a "statement" about it. I wasn't initially going to do a Tupac hologram video either.

  3. RioUchiha says:

    Do one one the whole Ascension Idea. Higher vibrations sending us into the 5th dimension etc.

  4. titanicroses says:

    LOL you are too funny!

  5. rjrjo grapes says:

    anybody can become a member with the illuminati. its not that hard. look at this clown. hes a memeber. this is what you would want to be a part of????? what a dick!!

  6. haha video tape series dude it's not 1999

  7. Sorantino01 says:

    Fraternal greetings. ( duegard and sign )
    Ah, The Man, sir, I was wondering if I could get a little help with a job I recently applied for. It's with the Federal Reserve Bank. Now I know I'm only on my 32nd degree and that I won't get the keys to "the good" wash room until I make 33rd. But could you put in a good word for me at "The Fed". The bills are piling up and I don't even have enough money to but my own sword for the Templar commandery meetings.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  8. diggerad says:

    I'll get Johnson right on that.

  9. diggerad says:

    Glad you were entertained. Thanks for watching!

  10. I love how the man implied that Alex Jones use to be a part of the illuminati. LMAO!!! Dude I can't get enough of these videos!

  11. Im Illuminati and I will eat U lol 😀

  12. diggerad says:

    Sorry, comments with the F-word are deleted on this channel. Thanks for watching!

  13. Ha, of course the Bills suck on their own. What is up with your "go outside and be with nature and breathe deeply?" Is there something in the air? (If so, wouldn't we also breathe it inside?) Are the animals and birds actually animatronics? Are there hidden recording devices? Also I heard through that the UFO thing will be completely staged with human Illuminati members pretending to be aliens. To unite the world. No? Why would you tell the public the truth?????

  14. diggerad says:

    Thanks for watching!

  15. Meant to say "heard thru other alternative media sources" about the UFO thing. Then I rearranged some of what I said and typing on cell forgot to proof read sorry.

  16. diggerad says:

    No problem. I understood what you were saying. As long as we all agree that the Bills suck.

  17. Oh thanks :). It said that comment didn't even post. I seriously need a break from media for the rest of the day. But I like your videos whether they are real or comedy. I am kind of scared of the idea of a one world government. If the aliens are real or not is beside the point to me. I am glad you say Kate Middleton is human. I thought so. I feel like in New Orleans we are probably more affected by the carcinogens in our environment than any kind of "soothing" chemtrail supplements.

  18. I mean obviously aliens have to be real. I just have a harder time believing they intimately care about us humans.

  19. diggerad says:

    If aliens aren't real, then the rest of the universe sure is a very large waste of space.

  20. Eli D says:

    I actually got invited illuminati offered me 100,000 & woman and free mason 2 separate society but they work together for many years and I got a invited by both they got a not in this life time and dear man we are watching you and have eyes on you

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