The Illuminati’s Final Warning for Kayne West! (2016)


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  1. kris Jenner with her smirking evil ass. black widows in the flesh.

  2. Deuces Bih says:

    go check out Mr Black Buffett

  3. Yea he had a breakdown. But they put him back in order whn they sent him to the hospital. If thats dont work. Bye Kanye RIP

  4. Nakia Amen says:

    The last phase before they find him dead (assassinated) in a hotel or his place of stay in a bed or tub overdosed, blamed on his mental state (deemed) Instability.

  5. Nakia Amen says:

    Who the fuck locks you up in handcuffs cause they don't like what you say, nothing about harming anyone or self but we gonna lock yo ass up just cause and force you into a mental assylum….WTF…shyt is real, he spoke against the enemy and the price is high, now they will slander and destroy he career as an artist…

  6. never been a Kanye Fan at all… but now i am…. if there is a god, he got touched by him.

  7. Senia BBG says:

    If you think about it they only hospitalized him so he will shut his mouth…

  8. Nia Gustavis says:

    Snoop ass is crazy

  9. You know, I'm putting my life in a serious danger, when I'm talking to you like that! I'm kinda scared of what this guy and we all have to face in a near future.. And never trust the media, it always tries to brainwash you, don't watch TV! Stay awaken, if we all stay awaken, we would be stronger, and never support those who you never seen in your life, that's stupid.

    P.S. This video might get deleted, sometime soon. Try to download it via YouTube video downloader program, so every time it gets deleted, we'll re-upload it, over and over again..

  10. NA Eidan says:

    michael jackson warned us about the illuminati but no one gave a shit

  11. keva kinsler says:

    Any man associated with those Kardashian witches looses his mind or life. I think Rob will kill himself soon and Lamar will soon follow. Or maybe Lamar will go first. Smh. I wouldn't come within 100 miles of any of them.

  12. He's tired of what the industry is really about, he's in to deep now, just walking away is extremely dangerous

  13. How does this make him crazy? He speaks the TRUTH. He's begging people to believe him, he's risking his life to tell you the truth. You think all the celebrities are telling you the truth, Only person I've (Not met) heard of is speaking the truth he's my inspiration. Kim K's mom (Don't give a poop of her name) knows that stuff Tyga all the celebrities know it but can't bring them selves to say it. Open your eyes. Y'all are to fudging stupid to realize this stuff cause you believe what everyone one else is saying. He Know's the truth. This probably sounds stupid coming from an 11 year old girl. Please don't comment rude comments back I'm not here to start a fight I just want people to see the truth. How does an 11 year old know this? Research proper research. Anyways it's not like y'all are gonna believe a child.

  14. I feel bad for Kanye he's just speaking his mind his heart

  15. Jade Clark says:

    its like no one listened, in 20 years our children will listen to the words he said, and will ask us how did we not know when we were fucking things up, its right there, in our face. the only real, useful info is only the words from the people involved. tupac, chappelle, all of the greats they know whats really happening, society will never know anything, until they want you to know. scary how so much is in our faces and goes in one ear out the other, for money.. its humans biggest distraction to fixing our problems.

  16. Nasz Erssi says:

    Next one who knows, that true have to be telled to people trusting lies….. K. Cobain, M. Jackson, J. Hendryx etc…..he felt same SREWED from The Illuminaty Slavers..theyself called… leaders :)

  17. D-strideb says:

    OMFG… It is in the eye of the beholder i would say but this man is speaking the dangerous truth.. Much respect for Mr. West. Some forces you can't just mess with. They are everywhere in the entertainment industry. I'm sure Mr. West is save, his paid off his karma, the federation is taking care of him now. And that doesn't mean his dead or something like that by the way.

  18. Jacob Wilson says:


  19. Roblox Kid says:

    I'm buying some barricades and staying in my room the rest of my lifeDjsjndhdjdnsnjsjsmsnsjdjdndndjdjdjdjjdjjjjjjj

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