The Jesuit Illuminati Agenda!


Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, …


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  1. James Barber says:

    we are Israel return to Israel meaning spirituality return to God. take you're inheritance. I created it for my people. all the commerce. separate from the Reptiles. come to the life of infinite.

  2. James Barber says:

    Rothschild released him. Dulce Wars Delta force. coverup. International Buddhist camp near it on the Utah reservation. sets over the tunnels.

  3. JV Waters says:

    Watchman of the Harvest. Very good! We need to expose all of these cults connected to Satan/Lucifer! God open our eyes!

  4. joseph4star says:

    This channel is awesome !!! Keep it up !!

  5. Also, During the Bilderberg meeting 2 years ago, the Dylan Roof, South Carolina church shooting happened. This past year during the Bilderberg meeting the Orlando Gay Nightclub shooting happened. There is ALWAYS a false flag event during the Bilderberg meeting, I suppose it is to keep everyone's eyes on the false flag, and not on the meeting of the world powers.

  6. We were warned in Rev 2, 9 and Rev 3, 9 about the Synagogue of Satan or thone who say they are Jews and are not. The Khazarian mafia became the Ashkenazi Jews of central and NE Europe. These are the Jews who founded Israel after WW2 and emigrated to Western Christian countries. Khazarian mafia aka Synagogue of Satan aka Rothschild Illuminati. I firmly believe they serve the OT god Molech or Ba'al using child sacrifices and Paedophilia. Their book is the evil Babylonian Talmud.

  7. 76nrw says:

    I am always impressed by your approach. You bring quality content with a frequency that we need. Need to give you credit, and know you make a difference. May the lord Jesus Christ bless you and yours friend.

  8. Mac man says:

    In this video:
    The Beast and his Mark Identified!

    • The number of the Beast | 666.

  9. Watchman this is one of the best videos yet wow if this doesn't open people's eyes to truth nothing will. fantastic reporting from start to finish I can't think of a word that does this video justice. thank you so much for honest an caring work. may God's face shine upon you sir for your service for God an his Kingdom. many blessings to you my brother.

  10. go to zion where the 144000 are king davids throne was fulfilled already and they do sabbath on the 7th day which is saturday that church will be the only 1 that stands no other church will because it is a scam counterfeit a big fat lie wakeup!!! wakeup!!! if you do not get baptized at that church zion you will be in the lake of fire it has the narrow gate please get saved now!!!! last call it is in seoul korea please share and it has the lambs book of life also the bride is there last call this is real serious

  11. PvtMadnage says:

    34:00 what is that background music??

    Where do they come up with these tunes??

  12. Hitler was a Christian. These people want to die. Selfish Christian scum.

  13. joe dean says:

    This video ROCKS

  14. meancookie89 says:

    Wow ? I just need God to really kill these devils .

  15. I can't Believe the Public allowed WW3 it's So Sad..The END

  16. Kiss Your Planet Good-bye….Back to Dark Ages in A FEW months

  17. Jypcc says:

    another very good video, going to share!

  18. Ange6H says:

    Thank you for your diligence in this work..God bless.

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