The Kurt Cobain Conspiracy


Who Really Killed Kurt Cobain? Grunge legend Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home from a gunshot wound to the head – apparently a suicide.


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  1. He was killed by another person! His arms were not long enough to pull the trigger of a shotgun that was placed in his mouth. They say he pulled the trigger with his toe, but in the pictures of his death his shoes were on!!!

  2. Tobias A says:

    Wasn't Cobain bipolar? Depression is significant for that disease

  3. A shoddy Documentary. Doesn't mention the overwhelming evidence that points against suicide at the scene of the crime.

  4. Courtney was addicted to drugs too

  5. V4AR says:

    one day im gonna lose the war – Bradley Nowell

  6. not trying to be a dick because i loved nirvana but in that last picture. what if kurt just pulled the trigger right there… think about it. then again im glad he didnt cause nirvana was an awesome band. but if he did then just wow. that would be horrible


  8. Lil' Devil says:

    "no suicidal intentions ???" he swallowed 60 rohypnol pills willingly, wich he took out of packets one by one and ended up in a coma about 2 to 3 months prior to his death.

  9. Elise Rice says:

    it was 5 albums… you forgot unplugged and incesticide

  10. Mike Benesch says:

    you all are stupid he killed him self

  11. shaun simms says:

    Ever think he bought the gun for protection… That he knew someone was trying to harm him??? Perfect storm for a perfect setup, and staged scene. Honestly, I believe Kurt wanted out of the music industry. Kurt is alive & well somewhere living off the grid

  12. Seth Holmes says:

    I am 8 years old. Why would he do this

  13. Poor guy. This is his legacy? People picking over the tragedy of his painful and short life. Suicide is an incredibly complex and multi faceted issue and deeply personal tragedy to not only the person who feels life is unliveable but also the family and friends left behind in shock and disbelief. It's an insult to his memory to cheapen it with gossip and allegation. Leave the dead to rest in peace and the living to mourn in privacy. What a dispassionate world we inhabit.

  14. The shotgun got away with murder !!!

  15. (in an answer to some comments i've read here)
    over time people's bodies become more & more tolerant & resistant to drugs/medication.
    plus, some people naturally have a much higher resistance to drugs than other people. i once took around 120 paracetamol tablets & survived untreated, whereas i heard a lady in Malasia took just 4 paracetamol tablets by accident & it killed her…

    (for the conspiracy theorists)
    Kurt was not a man that wanted to be alive -look at the artwork, hear the lyrics, see the photos & see & hear the interviews!

    (for humanity)
    Kurt undeniably did have someone to help him die (to get the gun, the evidence found of the sleeping bags & ashtray with Kurt's cigarette ends & another person's cigarette ends -this was all reported in music mags at the time)
    that person was probably the only friend Kurt would've felt he had…

    (on a personal note)
    i wish i had a friend like that friend of Kurts, who would be thinking what would be best for me. i have mental health problems & i've lost a few friends to suicide over the years. i've never blamed them or thought them to be selfish, just that they're not suffering any more & i remember the good memories of them.

    (peace out)
    Kurt's not suffering any more, leave him be.

  16. Mike Hodges says:

    Listen, the man sung about having a gun in his songs. It's clear that he was depressed.

  17. Aderiler says:

    It was suicide. Stop with your retarded theories.

  18. looks like people don't understand how deadly heroine is…

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