The last interview with Grace Kelly – on ABC’s 20/20 (Part 1 of 6)


The last interview with Grace Kelly – on ABC’s 20/20 (Part 1 of 6) The interview with Pierre Salinger (June 22, 1982) was recorded less than 2 month before her …


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  1. Rest in heavenly peace princess.

  2. Heywin Y. says:

    she only lived to 52…thats sad

  3. xxcharmed1xx says:

    She should have lived happily ever after with william holden or cary grant. Prince Rainier never loved her. He just wanted some beautiful woman to bear his children so that they could rule after his death.

  4. Fred Speno says:

    She was magnificent.  After all these years, I still mourn her untimely passing.  I wish that her husband had provided a stronger support for her when she missed her life as a beloved actress and role model for millions of young women all over the world.

  5. May you RIP beautiful princess Grace xx

  6. Deb Prescott says:

    She was aging beautifully.

  7. jutubaeh says:

    2:00 is that… the vatican ?

  8. jutubaeh says:

    gee the intro sounds like a hörrashoa introductory for wales princess ^^
    so many kinGships… nö süperpowR -.-

  9. Good day to all:Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco will always be in our Hearts,always and Forever..with respect Tirdad-

  10. Grace kelly she's one of my favorite actress. R.I.P

  11. I can't believe she's gone:(
    my all time favorite actress.

  12. So beautiful, & intelligent, & kind♡

  13. Grace is already dead. Can we just please give her a little respect. Plus, there is no need to drag Princess Diana's name by comparing the 2 princess. it's like comparing apple to orange. And SLUT and a WHORE is not an opinion. it is a word coming from a very inarticulate being. Lets just watch the video and be quite, there is no need for us to announce our dislike for this lady publicly. (all this peoples words are so mean and very hurtful like you know everything.)

  14. She died before or after hitchcock?? When hitchcock died 1980 or 1985??

  15. What makes a person boring as some say? as actress or as princess? Maybe she is, but she has enough experience not to be an embarrassment by spicing up an interview.  Do all y'all break out into funny tales and sensational gossip in a job interview?  

  16. Coparroch o says:

    She was famous, becasue she deserved… She was a gleaming star, and as you can see still in this movie was a scared babe.. I think she wasn't happy at all in Monaco

  17. kottonkandyx says:

    Wasn't she American? She doesn't seem to have an American accent? Is that normal? 

  18. Anton K says:

    My favourite actress – alongside Audrey Hepburn, Lillian Gish & Myrna Loy.

  19. Rei W. says:

    She's so pretty!!!! That's how to age gracefully w/out fillers and Botox. I bet she did sth on her face but hey she looked very natural and the signs of aging were minimal at 52. Hollywood stars should learn from her and Audrey Hepburn.

  20. living-rose says:

    A great icon. BTW I do not know if it is only me, but I found Princess Grace and Princess Charlene's mother so similar, they share some facial lines and smile. They also have a kind of familiar swimming connection. They could be sisters.

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