The Libya Blitzkrieg and the Coming Iran War


by Zen Gardner

If you’re following the news on the Libya developments, it’s a master stroke of NWO control. The speed with which they’ve managed to supposedly get international concensus not just to create a so-called “no fly” zone, but to pound whatever targets they want, has been a diplomatic blitzkrieg.

What took ages to convince wary NATO nations to sanction in the attack on Iraq, has only taken a couple of weeks for Libya.

And the public is on apparently on board and trusting this “UN sanctioned” action. There isn’t a shred of protest or criticism to all this except in the alternative media. And even though Ghaddafi called for a cease fire, the press insisted the fighting continued so they’ve gone ahead and engaged and now it will unfold.

Mideast Crisis Gives the PTBs Momentum

These globalist strategies are creating the desired momentum to bring in the complete militarization and domination of the entire middle east. Expect the PTBs to build on it and quickly during this time period, especially as the attacks on Libya escalate. While the world is looking there you can be sure they’ll be up to some power grabs in other countries, so keep looking around for the “unreported” stories or issues that they’re trying to disguise or cover up.

Hillary Takes the Mount

Something else that’s happening is the growing signal from the media that they are endorsing Hillary Clinton’s so-called ability to “take action”, while contrasting it to Obama’s clear lack of leadership. Like the dollar, Obama’s “leadership” is what you believe it to be, while actually he’s just a figment of the NWO’s imagination.

(As we know, Obama’s image is only worth as much as the NWO mouthpiece MSM says it is. It’s apparent to any thinking person there’s not a leader’s bone in his cardboard cut-out body, as is the case of all placed NWO puppets.)

But watch, it appears they may be positioning Hillary as the “mover and shaker” lately, while allowing more and more criticism of Obama. His publicized preoccupation with sports and now touring Latin America in the midst of all this it meant to be a disconnect for some reason. It’ll be gradual, but if this trend continues we could be seeing a new presidential candidate being promoted, or tested in the public arena. Even Drudge has been calling this “Hillary’s War”. But we have to wonder, why the posturing?

Watch the Mainstream Programming

It’s all about cover up, truth reversal and omission. That the US is seemingly taking a back seat to the aggression on Libya is a major signal in itself: they want us to know that “a new world order will be more effective than just letting the US police the world”. It also gets international involvement in whatever follows the Libya takedown. Very clever.

France jumped to the tune of the fiddler to take the lead in the attack. Wonder what they were told to turn on a former friend?

Masonic greeting exchanged by members of the “brotherhood”. You mean they betray each other? You bet.

More Media Misleads

Those who are awake know we cannot believe the government’s downplaying of the radiation dangers–after all, look their post 9/11 “all clear” at ground zero that has led to the death and sickness of thousands. Or the downplaying and media silence over the Gulf disaster.

The irony, as it so often is, is that the US will harshly accuse other nations of “human rights abuses” and “oppression of their people” or “not informing their public of the truth of the matter” while blatantly being the chief offender.

Similarly, the media positioning of middle eastern events and who to “back” is complete smoke and mirrors. The assumptive language instructs the masses who is “good”, who is “bad” and “who needs to be replaced”. Try reversing just about everything the MSM is saying and you’ll get close.

Again, it’s Orwellian.

Incredibly enough, Americans eat this stuff up. Hypocrisy apparently makes good news, as long as it “pumps you up!”

An attack on Ghaddafi is the perfect prelude to an attack on Iran

The speed of this UN/Arab League (owned) imprimatur for an aggression on Libya not only indicates the huge progress the NWO has made in consolidating their hold on global powers, but it speaks of a profound ‘group think’ impression in much of the western world. The negative emotions regarding Ghadaffi have been carefully cultivated for 40 years now, giving the typical western media mush-mind the impression that “we can never get rid of these renegade bastards”.

Now, concurrent to the apparent global awakening of the truly oppressed, true to their ‘ordo ab chao’ mantra and Hegelian dialectic, the PTBs are injecting an opposite “it’s time to take care of these problems” mindset into the strategically framed opposite mainstream western mindset.

While Ghadaffi has been a bought off, militarily supported puppet of the west since his “revolution” and they scared the hell out of him, he is serving a greater purpose. Now it is time to sacrifice the demon they so carefully LET exist all these years for a “greater good”.

Why? The cathartic release, as all wars precipitate, will provoke Americans and other hoodwinked and intimidated peoples to endorse the removal of other such long-standing “pests” and hindrances to a “peaceful, global society.”

Just watch.

Get their Game? It’s On.

Be prepared, and stay on top of it.

Love, Zen

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  1. marcos roberto says:

    precisa desenvolver a minha cidade e para isso preciso de city notas para inverstir nesse desenvolvimento

  2. 6 dictators have been special guest to the royal wedding. Anybody starting to have an idea for real? Stop limiting all and every bs to the US only because thats exactly the mind prison created.

  3. what Blitzkrieg you are talking about?

  4. Poor analysis but I do agree that the next stop is Iran and Sandi Arabia, just dont put to much into the cripples called polititians and governours. These have been mainstream muppets since the 60s, muppets to the true rulers of this world. Sick egos all of them so dont you defend nobody nor pinpoint somebody to be worst than…….XYZ

  5. Nomad says:

    The last 3 days of bombardment on Libya might be paraded as being a success so far by the media. However, there’s one thing I’ve noticed here in Australia and that’s the disgust felt by the average guy on the street, for the Warmongering actions of the US and UK to attack yet ANOTHER country!!!! How many more countries does the US, UK and NATO plan on attacking and destroying to further their economic interests? The West has become an updated and modern version of the Third Reich. And our leaders continue to spout the righteous virtues that they need to justify their actions. I’m surprised they haven’t started dressing like Hitler and Musolini in Military Uniform to enforce their authority upon us, the general population.
    Clintons No Fly Zone over Iraq in the 90’s killed an estimated one million children who starved to death or died for lack of medical access through sanctions. I wonder how many children and non combatants will die in Libya? And for what? Freedom? Or so we, the West, can steal their oil?
    Clinton, Bush and Obama will be remembered as fondly in history as Oliver Cromwell is remembered today in Ireland. And they deserve it!

  6. The same Project for the New American Century rationale that has hyped up the rhetoric for war against Iran, was used in Germany in 1941 to endorse that nation’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

    That attack was sold to the Germans as a campaign to secure Lebensraum, or living space for the sons and daughters of the Nazi inheritance, like the proposed attack on Iran is being sold as a campaign to, “kick their ass and take their gas.”

    The Russian attack was never going to succeed, the Russian Federation extended to the Pacific Ocean, thus in the east, which was out of reach of the Luftwaffe, the Russians could recruit, train and equip the forces they needed to repel the invader,

    Their Western Army which bore the brunt of the Blitzkrieg in defense of their land, though suffering terrible casualties, stalled the German attack and held them at bay long enough to allow their Eastern Forces to prepare for their own offensive.

    [quote]Operation Barbarossa, was the codename for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War II, that commenced on June 22, 1941, it was the largest invasion in written history, the operation was named after the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, of the Holy Roman Empire, a leader of the Crusades in the 12th century.

    The operational goal of Operation Barbarossa was the rapid conquest of the European part of the Soviet Union, west of a line connecting the cities of Arkhangelsk and Astrakhan, often referred to as the A-A line, at its conclusion in December 1941, the Red Army had repelled the strongest blow of the Wehrmacht.

    Hitler had not achieved the victory he had expected, but the situation of the Soviet Union remained critical, tactically the Germans had won some resounding victories, and occupied some of the most important economical areas of the country, most notably in the Ukraine.

    The Russian counter attack pushed the Germans back from Moscow, and they were not able to mount an offensive simultaneously along the entire strategic Soviet-German front again.

    The failure of Operation Barbarossa resulted in the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany, and is considered a turning point for the Third Reich. Operation Barbarossa opened up the Eastern Front, which ultimately became one of the biggest theaters of war in human history,

    And the areas which fell under it became the site of some of the largest and most brutal battles, deadliest atrocities, terrible loss of life and horrific conditions for the Soviets and Germans alike – all of which influenced the course of both World War II and 20th Century history.” Wikipedia[/quote]

    Contemporary accounts of the Russian Midwinter Offensive which commenced in January 1942, said the Germans could not start the engines on their tanks due to the cold, and they could not believe it when they saw white painted Russian tanks bearing down on their positions.

    The Russian tanks rolled all the way to Berlin, as each phase of the offensive was completed, the units that had been involved, most of which had suffered terrible casualties, were withdrawn and an entirely new army that had been trained similarly in the east, went on to complete the next phase.

    Thus the Soviet forces that took Berlin had the same DNA as the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan, however by the time they reached the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin AH had flown the coop and lit out for Jugoslavia, thence to relocate to Argentina!.

    PNAC and their tool Media Baron Rupert Murdoch know all of this, testimony from Moshe Dyan Kaplan and Katherine Schweitzer, states the Holocaust was an inside job, a plan formulated by Zionist Ashkenazi Jews, who are not Jews at all.

    They were a tribe of horsemen from Kazakhstan in Central Asia who converted to Judaism en masse in 740 AD, that was to rid Europe of those Jews who opposed Zionism, which had as an aim the illegal, under Jewish law, establishment of the Modern State of Israel.

    Those Jews were financing Hitler and since most media ownership in Germany was Jew owned, it was them who were beating Hitler’s drum more so than anyone else, keep in mind that persecution of organized labor was the first phase of the Zionist assault.

    Try to find accounts of the 1929 massacre of members of the German Gasfitters Union which left as many as thirty nine dead.

    Now the Zionists who have infiltrated the Washington political establishment and the Pentagon who perped 911 before waging indiscriminate war in supposed response, claim that war against Iran is winnable, in the same way their Zionist predecessors in Germany convinced AH the invasion of the Soviet Union would be successful.

    Podhoretz is on the record stating, “we destroyed the Soviet Union,” they did because they convinced the Russian political establishment to invade Afghanistan which is an unconquerable land, the Soviet invasion of that country killed Soviet Russia.

    [quote]Israel has been supplying weapons to Iran, since the days of Ollie North and Iran Contra, believe that nuclear weapons have been on Iran’s shopping list for as long as Israel has had them for sale.

    This is what would happen, the Iranians nuke the US battle fleets sending them to the bottom, the Turks form a Moslem alliance with all regional Islamic interests including Iran, they unite with the remnants of Saddam’s forces in Iraq.

    The Pakistani join the alliance, the Afghans go on the offensive in that land, and suddenly US forces are stranded with no hope of resupply and no way of getting out, they either surrender or are wiped out.

    The Zionazi offensive on the Homeland commences and the mercenary forces that are already in place on the mainland, round up who they want to and it’s off to the FEMA camps for them for processing .. to be killed.

    Attacks are carried out on the schools in Amish County, and VA Tech style massacres, and the Ashkenazi chalk up another victory .. War now against Israel.[/quote]

    The US / Zionist assault in Libya and the rush to describe the conflict as a struggle between “Rebels” and “Ghadaffi,” is more of the same BS.

    G accepted the blame on behalf of Libya for the 17 April 1984, London assassination of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, and the 21 December 1988, explosion that brought PanAm Flight 103 down at Lockerbie Scotland. Thence the 5 April 1986, Bombing of the La belle disco in Germany, which was the impetus for devastating air raids by US F111 aircraft deployed from bases in England!!

    The problem is that Mossad superspy Ari ben Menashi went public in 1994, in a thinly veiled hit piece under the pseudonym Joe Vialls, titled The Terrorist Factory, whence he described the method, manner and means, by which he fired a burst from Heckler and Koch German made 7.62 mm sub machine gun, into Yvonne Fletcher’s abdomen from an adjacent building.

    He is likewise supposed to be guilty of planting the explosive device that brought Flight 103 down, as well as having caused the December 12 1985 crash of Arrow Air Flight 1285 in Gander, Newfoundland. The most recent ben Menashi outrage is thought to be the 8 January 2011, Tucson Arizona shooting that killed six people, including Chief U.S. District Court Judge John Roll.

    So the whole “Ghadaffi” phenomenon is bullsh*t, as well we know the 911 attacks were, and that guided missiles were deployed at both the WTC and the Pentagon, while the Zionist press and the Zionazi war clones pay stooges to appear to be taken in by the bull!

  7. Elmer Johnson says:

    Israel talked the U.S into fighting another of their battles!! Israel wants all Arab countries taken out, and this way someone else does it for them!!

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