The life of Donald Trump Documentary


The life of Donald Trump Documentary.


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  1. The intangibles and brand certainly worth more. Now that he is president, values of his properties will skyrocket. Try to buy one now. Impossible.

  2. Nancy Shi says:

    love you trump

  3. Callum Ip says:

    Donald Trump Jr called the Kilt a skirt.

  4. Servthelord says:

    They mostly only see his money…kinda sad

  5. mar7dong says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaaa! Trump all the way.

  6. He's definitely wealthier than what Bloomberg says. With that lifestyle 1-2 billion isn't enough. 40 years ago yes but not now. The claim in 2005 that he's only worth 200 million is false. 200 million isn't enough. The plane alone is 7 figures a year to maintain.

  7. B Smith says:

    This was very well produced.

  8. Watching Donald trump destroy all people pitted against him for the Presidency was Awesome to watch.

  9. the American way of life….the stupidest way of human behavior…

  10. why would ANYONE hunt for sport? sociopath?

  11. You can tell Donald Trump is the most successful man ever lived.

  12. amelia dwyer says:

    Mr. Trump i need your help, that maybe you can help me with my story, i really don't know who can help me. I was treated unfair by my property Ins. And my Flood Ins. !! My floor on my Trailer fell apart and i was devastated by the way i was treated. And i still have to pay 49.000. I purchased in 2003 and my 4 bedroom and all the wood had black mold, and they told me i could not get Property ins because of the condition of the Trailer but they gave me only Flood ins. The floor was not oak floor it was particle board, snd because of the Florida weather and humidity caused this to happen.!!!So now i'm trying to fix it a little at a time with my son's helping me I'm 67 and on S.S.D. And we didn't get a cost of living incresse, Which i was hoping for, but did not get it.! I'm paying so much on interest 256.37, and Princepal of 142..92, since 2003.!! And still owe 49,000.00.! And I can't even leave there.!!!! I'm a widow and I find it hard all the bad luck I'm having with this misfortune and I suffer from depression and anxiety and I'm taking about 10 medication a day.!!!!??? See if you can give me some help in my situation.! I was born in Sicily and I later became a citizen in N.Y., so I voted for you because you made a lot of sense and not Killary.!I know you are busy with all the Election and with your Presidency, I know you might not respond to me.! But I''m so hurt by all this.! I had signed the papers for the Title and closing on Dec.2003 and came to me in Feb.of 2004 and told me i needed Flood insurance, If i knew this I would have not purchased the Land!!!! And it goes to show you that i was a senior citizen and they all took advantage of me.!!!!????? So sad that they take advantage of older people and don't care who get's hurt.!!!!Love you Mr. PRESIDENT.!God Bless you and your Family.!!?❤️??????????????

  13. What is the joy in killing birds. That son if his loves to kill stuff doesn't look good for Trump who I do like.

  14. Shawn Winter says:

    Race was over on 06/16/2015.

  15. first guy ever downgrading to the white house. it's a dump compared to his taste

  16. zucchini2007 says:

    According to Forbes, his net worth is $3.7 Billion. Not the $6 Billion figure he cited 5 minutes into the video. But still…I wouldn't mind having $3.7 Billion to my name!!

  17. zucchini2007 says:

    Eric Trump was 26 here? This must have been recorded in 2011.

  18. zucchini2007 says:

    If you're wealthy, you must play golf!

  19. Do you think the guy that made facebook is richer? Mark Zuckerberg has a net worth of $50 billion.

  20. to be mega super rich is purely very hard hard work / the ability to the crazy extra mile/ the timing factor in favor/ the strong basic career knowledge/ ability to read the market and people s needs/ the indirect goodness they do ( they donate big money and the extra money they earn thru simple name endorsement and the jobs they creat for people)/ the weird individual thinking and little help from HIM possible reasons to succeed

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