The Mahdi – Sources of our Beliefs (Part 1)



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  1. Aizen Sama says:

    @kaliyuta i should be more clear the Mahdi will appear vice versa..

  2. Nice lil lecture here buddy boy, b.u.t. I regret 2 inform u that the Mahdi already came. He was born in the holy city of Mecca in 1877. He (still) is Allah who came in the Divine Person of Master W.D. Fard Muhammad, the long-awaited Mahdi of the Holy Qur'an & Messiah of the Bible.Master Fard Muhammad Subhanna wa ta Allah raised up His Final & Greatest Messenger, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad.The Holy Qur'an says Allah will send a msgr 2 every nation. Messenger Elijah Muhammad's the 1st msgr in the US

  3. @kaliyuta Messenger Elijah Muhammad teaches that the final prophet is Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Hon. Elijah Muhammad is the final messenger though. The Holy Qur'an says that every nation receives a messenger to bring Islam to it. Since the Holy Qur'an is 100% accurate, that would mean the Hon. Elijah Muhammad would have to fulfill the scripture since he's the reason y there r so many Muslims in the USA. As-Salaam-Alaikum.

    Mathematically Yours,
    Angelo Ali Allah

  4. I M says:

    @TribeofShabazz Do more research and study the signs. All of the signs have not occurred. Astagfirlah, you say Allah came in the form of man?!!! This alone is proof of your ignorrance. My family's intro into Islam was through the "Nation" of Islam, yet we left that and Allah guided us. You should do the same before it is 2 late. W.D. Muhammad may Allah have mercy on him, parted from that false belief and that was HIS father! The messengers of Allah were all rightous… enough said.

  5. I M says:

    @TribeofShabazz Allah is the reason there are so many Muslims in the US. All of Allah's messengers were rightous. Elijah Muhammad did not bring Islam. He did not order the 5 daily prayers, He had his followers fasting in a time other than Ramadan. The shahada was to other than Allah and His messenger Muhammad, s.a.a.w.s, and insted was to him, therefore, this is and was not Islam. This was a devient sect that the true Messenger Muhammad s.a.a.w.s warned about. Even Elijah's testified 2 this.

  6. I M says:

    @TribeofShabazz Walakum.

  7. nazifdaniel says:

    hadith not same to quraan quraan is the furqan u canot use hadith to aqedah

  8. very very good explaination! thanks for uploading

  9. Factszz says:

    @Returning of Son of Mary, Mahdi & dajjal are the stories that were not told by Prophet but were added in Hadith books in the name of Prophet Muhamamd. Every unbiased scholar of hadith know well that there are hundreds of thousands forged hadith in Sihae Sitta and also in the fake hadith books of Shia. Even Book of Bukhari and Muslim have many mnay forged hadiths never said by Prophet. Bukhari was a low level Persian Parsi Criminal but our fanatics have made him a saint – It is real shame@

  10. @nazifdaniel i'm follow you.

  11. Kzayyad says:

    jazakallah khiarun for your work

  12. Mahi Mohsin says:

    what if ur paents name u mahdi!?!?!?!??!?!?
    i swear my name is mahdi mohsin u could look me up on my facebook

  13. @Killjoybravo O_O …… YOU ARE….!

    nah im just kidding…its just like the name Mohammad….their is a special Mahdi that is being mentioned.

  14. Mohd Munshi says:

    are u a Quranite( Ahle e quran)?

  15. Mohd Munshi says:

    every muslim agrees to that .Quraan is our first and best source of guidance. hadeeth and sunnah comes later for our better understanding of the life of prophet and teaches us what does Quran tries to say in detail.Ignoring hadees and sunnah of Prophet(SAW) will lead us to astray and fitnah as is done by Ahle e quran(Quranites). may Allah guide them and us

  16. Hussam Sidic says:

    why dont you guys publish the truth… arent u followers of islam?

  17. Hussam Sidic says:

    Wat i meant to say is ..the true identity?

  18. Mahdi is here, he is preventing world war 3. Dujjal is Mullah Omar in Afghanistan

  19. manofcraft says:

    i hate this munafiq imam

  20. Emaam akher says:

    imam mahdi come 2015 from fiji island

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