The Man Who Could Trigger World War III


A power-hungry leaders in the Middle East , threatened Russia with all the NATO force – the force that could determine whether you or I live or die .


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  1. Sounds like the path Harper is taking.

  2. Jason Perry says:

    On your point about NATO having to defend Turkey. You said that NATO has to defend Turkey if it is sufficiently "threatened". That is not how article 5 works. Article 5 only becomes active if a member state is directly attacked. Russia can threaten all they want and article 5 will not come into effect. Just wanted to clear that up.

  3. Nick DeLisa says:

    Why yes, Howard. Thank you for asking once again. I absolutely wanna know why.

  4. HOWARD I would really like to know your thoughts on President Obama's most recent speech at the UN. What it means for Americans and how it contrasts to other countries interests.

  5. Lee F says:

    What about the President of Russia he is crazy?

  6. Klas . S says:

    The man who sold the world.

    THE U.S. IS NOT COMMITTED TO DEFEND TURKEY YOU DONK! TURKEY IS TOTALLY JEWjacked and IN ON THE SCAM! you have no clue! YOU ARE A LIAR or a complete IDIOT! …and you conveniently forget to mention JEWsrael in the SCAM OF SUPPORT/CREATING/HELPING/ARMING ISIS! you FILTHY LIAR!
    hmmmm are you a FILTHY JEW maybe?!

    As if one puny puppet in turkey can trigger the POWERS to go stoopid!
    THEY ARE GOING STOOPID already… and RUSSIA is about to NUKE THE JEWmerican, and JEWSRAEL GANGSTERS… and the BritROYALS are soon to run to their DUMBs(graves)

  8. joni Lau says:

    would ending humanity really be so bad ? We've had a good run. Not quite a dinosaur-level run, but decent. . . .The universe can forge new sandcastles after the homo castle has crumbled. . .Lets face it- we are screaming, bickering, petty, self-absorbed, puerile parasites & as worthy of extinction as it gets. Regardless of the egoic desire to survive, the higher aspect in anyone reading this KNOWS it true. Time to go 12 monkeys and free up some space for the next cosmic experiment. This bipedal monkey jazz is antiquated….life never ends, its just assumes new forms. . .

  9. davidfrom74 says:

    Waste that punk Erdogan, and resurrect the spirit of Ataturk!

  10. puppup zera says:

    there ants and the world has pisst them off

  11. !!!!!! Turkey shot down Russian jet !!!

  12. Jack Smith says:

    How alarmingly prescient.

  13. TheBentastic says:

    YOU MIGHT JUST BE RIGHT. I had to look this up again. >in response to the jet fighter takedown.

  14. PrincessTS01 says:

    turkey's leader is a religious nutball

  15. Joy Wawewefa says:

    It doesn't quite work that way, Howard. I know you are going off of Article 5 of alliances from the NATO agreement. Article 5 doesn't mean we have to defend an errant country's stupidity. What it does mean is we have to discuss it. Each member of NATO can decide how they want to deal with it. At this point "calm" is an extremely important term. Erdowan is hated by a lot of people in Turkey, he's almost as bad as Assad in terms of the Middle East. The people who attacked the Russian pilots are "Turkmans" and they are a regional tribal unit. They also hate being struck by Russian bombs, which has apparently been going on. Erdowan is horrible, but at this point no one in Ni INEthe Middle East is a good leader. :No ONE.

  16. And now Turkey shoots down a Russian jet – you were right Howard. Turkey is dangerous.

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