The Mars Underground (2/6) (2007)



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  1. 2.49 maybe because it was called Junk,search it on the web

  2. well i 2008 they found water ,so you can get 100 the fuel from mars atmosphere

  3. Frogcrunch says:

    I'm scared humanity gets lazy and stays on an ultra superpopulated earth instead of spreading in space.

  4. the Mars Rising approach is a combination of mars direct and the 90 day report

  5. I would plan my return journey to leave Mars at 07:10 and head upwards on that screen into Earths path… if that graphic is accurate!

  6. O1dGreg says:

    450 billion and we freak out? yet we bail out companies for trillions. guess that is what happens when ignorance plagues the whitehouse.

  7. I seriously had to laugh hard (and then cried a bit) at "intellectual capital". Just when the social web (facebooks, twitters etc) shows us how flat, uneducated and unimaginative herd the mass is. That same mass that must be gamed and played by all commercial and political ambitions, which use the creative and noble visions of the few as a tool (and not as a goal) for those ambitions. What a species we are 🙂

  8. wheelmanstan says:

    I think there's a reason why no other nation has been to the moon and why we haven't been back. Probably all just a show anyway. We won't put a man on Mars any time soon. Would be great though, great for moral. BUT FUCK NO. LETS KEEP ELECTING SHITHEADS AND KEEP FIGHTING UNJUST WARS! America…Fuck Yeah!!!

  9. I don't know why this Zubrin is stressing out that much, the plans for mars are proceeding, slowly but they are, and we will get there, NASA is planning it, Russian are planning it, few private companies like SpaceX are planning it, and the technology is coming together. All is cool brutha

  10. Meow786 says:

    this documentary was made a few years ago. the progress to going to Mars have only been at work for only in these recent few months.

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