The Matrix


“The Most Eye-Popping & Imaginative Movie of the Year.” – Gannett. Breaking box office records as the biggest Easter opening ever, this special effects-driven …


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  1. Albert Kim says:

    it is not working and gives an error

  2. Bailey Garst says:

    cool I love see matrix

  3. Watching this in 2016, remembering when I saw it in theatres on its opening night.This was a mind blow then, it is a mind blow now. Love this flick.

  4. So, in 4:31, we can see that one of the agents is able to stand on the corner of a roof without bending his body with the curves. It's subtle, but that would've been impossible without CGI, or a "green screen" Perhaps just as we would play Sims, People are controlling the agents. The machines aren't the problem. They're just the tool.

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  6. Brandon Male says:

    Does comments work?

  7. Leah Joy says:

    I tried watching this. Rented it for $3.99, and when I went to go watch it, it said "Sorry, there was an error licensing this video". If this is so, then you shouldn't be allowed to take my money. What thievery!

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