The Milli Vanilli Tragedy


The story of the 90’s band Milli Vanilli. Unfortunately it didn’t have a happy ending but I have a lot of respect for Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan. I know it’s not their …


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  1. Madera M says:

    We will still love them and the music. Whatever happened to them is sad, however the songs and the singing will always belong to them. At least in my mind. I dont care what they found out … it was them… it was them we fell in love with…

  2. Moe Pouyah says:

    This guy is pretty good.Its just that the music industry is a vampire. It will destroy you!

  3. Ruhe in Frieden Rob. Für immer Gott segne Dich .

  4. sandro serna says:

    I will always love the music

  5. 5:26 what saddens me is that I can sing that better :(

  6. Daina Marie says:

    Fab looks and sounds BADASS! His voice has actually improved since this performance, A stepping stone to his redemption….John Davis performs with him they are AWESOME

  7. Google Guy says:

    You should know, if you don't already know by now, that C+C Music Factory's fake ass wannabe non-singing ass "Zelma Davis" never sang (on) any of the C+C Music Factory songs on any of their albums either !!!! Zelma Davis was & is a fraud!!! It was The Weather Girls' singer "Martha Wash" who sang such lyrics as "Everybody Dance Now" & other chorus hooks. When the fuck is C+C Music Factory going to give back their stupid undeserving Grammy's back ???? Milli Vanilli has to give their's back, but C+C Music Factory gets to keep theirs even though they perpetrated the same identical lip syncing fraud???

  8. mayan mayan says:

    Fab Morvan can sing after all,I mean he may not be the best but good enough.WTF!!!

  9. He can sing and dance at the same time which isn't easy. Not a bad job at all ?

  10. Thats pretty cool that he has overcome this whole thing. I loved Milli Vanilli back in the day…shit happens and I truly believe what matters is what we do with situations like what they were in…Thumbs up from me!


  12. Zocky says:

    This "front-man with the image the people want" doesn't only happen entertainment. It happens in business, politics etc. People behind the scenes working their butt off while the image the public wants to see comes forward, taking credit for the blood, sweat and tears. In principle Milli Vanilli did what alot of people do… but this became an issue only because of how wildly successful they were

  13. the worst part of this tragedy is Rob committed suicide. They could actually sing well enough for that decade which was just an expansion of the Minneapolis sound without particularly strong vocals. I dare anyone to listen to artists Prince produced from the late 80's and mid 90's and then compare to the actual guys singing. CeCe Penniston wasn't that great but she was a dance hall singer. R.I.P Rob.

  14. Poppa Poppy says:

    Good on Fab for rising above all of this to find some level of success. He apologized for his role in the deception and now he's moved on as he should be able to. I'm sure both men received more than their fair share of abuse over the scandal.

  15. Adam Colins says:

    Who else is here because of Good Mythical Morning?

  16. JP_711 says:

    Rip rob pilatus 

  17. i came here from

  18. Moniqtee says:

    I think he sounds fantastic and i am very happy for him.. I was truly saddened that Rob committed suicide… I wish it didnt happen that way…

  19. Heidi Graney says:

    I remember watching this live. It was so shocking! I still love them. RIP Rob

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