The Most Beautiful Tree In The World & Ashikaga Flower Park


50 Miles north of Tokyo lays the city of Ashikaga. The city was founded in 1921, yet as young as it is, it is home to Ashikaga Gakkō, the oldest school in Japan as well as Japan’s oldest and largest Wisteria tree in the Ashikaga Flower Park. This tree has been called by many of those who have seen it as the most beautiful tree in the world.
The tree is huge, an impressive nearly 2,000 square meters (or half an acre). The largest is the wisteria vine tree in Sierra Madre California at a whopping 4,000 square meters. The tree began its life in 1870 and is meticulously cared for. Because the vines are so extremely heavy, they are actually held up on steel supports. This allows visitors to the park to walk beneath its amazing canopy and bath in the pink and purple light reflected by the beautiful hanging blossoms.
The tree is just one feature of the park but it is what draws the most visitors. The rest of the incredible park is shown in the video below.

Video: zilzila007

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