The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY


My most recent video:: “WW II Fake News: Hiroshima Was Just Another City Fire Bombed by Curtis “Torch” LeMay” …


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  1. joel norfolk says:

    plz can sum 1 look nad let me know what thay think.   [email protected]

  2. joel norfolk says:

    monika duval facebook

  3. well ''sarah'' is definitely the killer as well as the film crew..but poles working for russia? naww..who she cant mention is michael aquino the chief rotterner within the us military? charles manson type serial killers like having ''families'' of their own type.. but the bloc that ''wants uk split off from europe…so as to be left the worlds only super power''.. and ''the price is america must be 100% annihilated''..means body and spirit..has to be uk.. so these fool americans bragging they're turning into Gods..are not…you tell me how the heck you can love a effing insane croc into being a nicer guy mates….the war of the roses..oh kgb..anyway go read the crocs dual circus programme… in survivors. even satans and satans plc bestest best slaves will all be destroyed.. i bet you didnt know roses were first developed in ancient egypt? and like all over – cultivated flowers will die out as soon as the gardeners do ..

  4. Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers Full Lecture Poland, Warsaw (English Only)


    Deceit and being DECEIVED is what FRACTURES the HEART and weakens us as HUMAN BEINGS……Open your eyes and be aware of this information and save YOUR SOULS from falling into the cabal or satanic take over!

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    Conspiracy Theorist Max Spiers Full Lecture Poland, Warsaw (English Only)

    The Murder of Max Spiers and the War of the Roses – FULL DOCUMENTARY

  6. Kassie Fox says:

    This is an amazing video. Thank you for putting together a comprehensible assessment of this situation. I hope you are safe. I am also a conspiracy media producer, and I always get so scared when I stumble upon new information. Take care.

  7. iceisnice61 says:

    WTF!!! Man, did I take a wrong (not really) turn while deep in the "Rabbit Hole". I wonder why the Almighty sent me on this track (again not really). I have spent alot of time investigating the likes of Crowley, Man, Hall, J Parson and a few other psychos, along with way too much time on Project Montauk, and when it came to "Super Soldiers" my impression was more towards Kinetic Warfare. So when the subject of SS came up here, I was surprised at what was being described…. I find this subject to be fascinating, so with that I was wondering, could anyone provide a link to some HELP with this subject of "Supper Soldiers"… I ask, as I do not have a lifetime to sort thru YT/Goggle BS, as I did w/ Op. Montauk, concerning this subject… I have read most of the comments and have been floored at the level of sincerity (AriesJedi ya freaked me out), thus I ask for help regarding this subject. I enjoy CLEAR, CONCISE, ACCURATE information w/o alot gee-whiz CGI… Anybody. It would be very much appreciated by this HUman. Lastly to "Global Agenda" regarding your video, it is the 'best' and most informative that I have seen on the murder of Max. Cheers

  8. I really liked the video a lot of good info, I am convinced Max was killed more for exposing the pedophiles and they go all the way to the top, there is also the Michael Aquino link and the podesta emails, as for Stuart Swerdlow he gives me the creeps there is just something about him in his eyes that's not right, evil, not the sort of person I would trust and I am good at Reading people, there is still something that bothers me about Sarah Adams is her accent it's like she is two people in one, I hear an American accent but it's like it sometimes slips slightly to an English accent if you listen closely

  9. It it doesn't matter if they say we don't hurt anyone we know better. see an adult that has been abused as a child and you will see the lasting affects of abuse

  10. Circle 25 says:

    What? The person at the funeral home shouldn't be telling her not to see her son. Not as if his body was in a bad way too. For him/her to say that is weird

  11. That could be the popping of a stun gun or something. You never know.

  12. A Voter says:

    very festive music for a funeral.

  13. Steve Scotch says:

    In light of my previous comment/discussion having been deleted, I'm just going to repost the part that I managed to save.
    I was also asked if I could guess which of the whistleblowers might be "planted".
    Without getting into much detail again, I just going to say that Assange & Snowden are definitely supporting certain interests.
    Anyway, I mentioned a bunch of other issues, which I don't have time to get into again.
    I only managed to save the part about Max, so here it is (let's see if it's going to be deleted again):

    My understanding is that Max has been definitely exploited during his time within the public arena. As I suspect, not by any omminus dark forces lurking in the shadows, but mostly by the very people he „worked” with. He was definitely a troubled soul and in a process of search. From what I’ve gathered, something very traumatizing happened to Max as a child and he spent most of his life trying to find answers. I think we can all agree that he was a very bright but troubled soul. A smart and genuine guy ended up being pushed and manipulated.

    Max was mainly exploited by these „alternative outlets” (Project Camelot and Bases Projects) and continues to be even after his death. This is also evident in G.A.'s documentation above. Mind you that I’m not saying that there’s nothing wrong with our government. It is not to say that I deny the existence of secret programs within the military industrial complex and shadow government faculties etc. – I hope I made that clear. However it is evident to me, and has been for a long time that these prominent „alternative outlets” like P.C. and Bases (just to name these two) are a complete distraction and mostly filled with humbug and sensationalistic, made up stories. It’s all about drama drama drama and money. Why? One simple and very important reason is that „conspiracy stories” are their ONLY source of income – which renders the possibility of achieving a 100% authenticity impossible.

    Their guests tend to have endless massive hidden world information, rarely able to be cross referenced and often full of absolute fear porn or immensely hopeful, galactic vibes. A mind rape rollercoaster for sensitive souls perhaps. It is a cradle of superficial, law of attraction type information, extremely left wing views, endless rabbits holes regarding aliens and various ET species and programs and of course, that old chestnut, "the spiritual purpose of man kind". Certainly, there have also been guests who have made profound points and had valuable info. They also have many people from seriously "illuminated backgrounds", like Laura Magdalena Eisenhower and not to mention various ex NASA people. But these forums almost consciously refrain from any sort of real tangible investigation or any sort of valuable exchange or discussion – it is mostly about feelings and emotions and astral travel, and all of it ends up being thrown into the blender of spiritual bliss. And that's completely fine, but I'm afraid it has little to do with truth seeking.

    They just add to the narcoleptic mindset on one hand, on the other there's still something to gain there as well. I can't discount everything. It just depends on what any individual is looking for. At any rate, the lack of real investigation is again evident within Max's case. Max somehow ended up in this public domain, which was probably very stressful for him (understandably), and there’s evidence he actually used drugs prior to his death. Although I cannot specify what drugs he used, it was most likely opiates. Max was also pushed to come up with new material by Miles, which completely renders most of his story invalid, you would think, right?

    How did Max really die?
    Will we ever know? Maybe.
    Was he poisoned? Maybe.
    Did he overdose on purpose or accidentally? Maybe.

    But I don’t want to go on an endless tirade. I think C.W.Chanter has done a very astute compilation of facts and thoughts in the following video, which is mostly similar to what I have come to understand myself (so if you’re interested check it out): He definitely provides a good piece of the puzzle (obviously I don't endorse every single word of his, but he has a pretty good flow). Below the video, please also see the comment by geofffxdwg07, who mentions he was close friends with Max. There's even a comment by Vanessa Bates (his Mother).
    In conclusion: What happened to Max is really a shame.

  14. Carl Sitler says:

    Excellent job of reporting (and commentary). I would like to emphasize what Max said about the war. He said we have won. The war of the roses is just the losing factions fighting among themselves before they all are banished. I realize many people don't have the ability to face the degree of evil Max has helped expose. We don't need to chose a side with them. I believe our job now is to heal the damage that has been done to the heart. What kind of future do you want? Write it down. Speak it to the universe. You are creator gods potentially. Manifest the reality you intend. Intention is cause.


  16. Hubbard was in on this also C.i.a brain washing on the high seas it's all too big to put the big picture together! GRrrrr….. where to start researching any suggestions ppl?

  17. the MOM is breaking my heart! I feel her pain and need for answers. something is off with this whole thing, yet ppl look very different in death my family members all looked almost unrecognizable. hard to say sigh #GODBLESS YOU ALL AND STAY QUESTIONING EVERYTHING PPL. ?

  18. Oxemoron says:


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