The Muslim Agenda – Full Documentary – Banned in some countries



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  1. To hell with Islam , The Couran, Isis, and Muslims who support it, They are all Evil that need to be dispatched and those who don't see it are fools!!!

  2. Shofi Miah says:

    Please Go do your research and along side it, go into comparative study as it will improve your knowledge within witnessing there is no contradiction nor a single erra in the Holy Quran! except that which man does not understand the meaning or it's reference ( where the meaning originated from and unto whom it is referring to!) indeed it confirms the correction of the 4 Holy books that has come before it and explains that the past Holly books have been knowingly fabricated in misleading from seeking the Truth! May Allah (God) lift the veils from the eyes and lift the sealed hearts of those unbelievers and believers into true guidance. Amen (so be it and except my supplication my Lord) …. Indeed Islam is the fastest growing way of life ( Religion) and it will be till the day of Judgement also bear in mind Islam will be the most hatred religion till the day of judgement! No matter what you say, everything's predestined and will take occur and happen through out time! Indeed God made mankind and Jinkind (spirits ) to do nothing other then worship him! And indeed he put us mankind on this Earth to TEST you!, to see which one amongst each others are the righteous and better in deeds ( where on that reckoning day it will be weighed in on a Holly Scale along with your bad dids) be careful of blasphemy and what you assume , think, say as it all is recorded by the two angels sitting on your right and left shoulder! And indeed Allah ( God) is al bassir ( all seeing) and all hearing and indeed to him belongs the true power and sovereignty, and He shall guide whom he wills and none can stop one from reaching to his Lord excerpt the will of God And bear in mind none shall guide away from the one misguided! Remember death!!! Indeed death shall come to every leaving soul! You be BORN alone as well as remembering you DIE alone and on that time none shall help you except almighty Allah ( God) please research deeply with an open heart as it to have effect on you!!! And don't be brain washed by the Media!!! Go out there, travel the world and you'll find answers eventually insha-Allah ( God willing) know what's true Islam don't listen and follow any Tom dick and Harry, follow your hearts use your mind and ask for forgiveness!!!

  3. Western or non-Western. Does that mean civilized or non-civilized? It does not, that is just what western capitalist media says. Why is Islam antagonistic to the West? It is not, the binary system behind this war is stupid and has no place in our modern society!! Simplicity radicalizes and makes us intolerant, as well as religion

  4. SHOCKWAVE says:

    SEND THEM HOME NOW !!!! when I say home I mean to and Islamic state where their distain for us and our western values can't hurt us !!!!! if they want sharia then send them off !!!!

  5. Fahad Shahid says:

    This is going to leave a mark

  6. Fahad Shahid says:

    Well this ought to be fun

  7. Well done! Excellent video. I hope more people see it and consider it seriously. Thank you.

  8. Karen Woods says:

    The bit about muslim guys on trial for paedophilia and using sharia to get away with it is a slight contradiction. There are peado gangs for many years for the filthy acts committed against young women. Same as honour killings treated as murder which is absolutely is and forced marriage which was outlawed in 2008. This is thought provoking and a little controversial but also propaganda.

  9. Many of us are waiting the time to slaughter the koranimals how our crusader ancestors did . This time will be forever and koranimals will be remembered like a plague for humanity !!!

  10. he's a n was a sick cunt how can a human being even follow such a cunt

  11. we need to protect out selves against these cunts

  12. they make me sick

  13. they r interbreed as well so u end up with idiots

  14. show this in every school n church n on everything possible to show that the dickhead Muhammed was no good

  15. Well genius, it was started to kill Non-Catholic Christians and Jews. He was supposed to destroy the Jews because the Pope wanted the Temple. The largest Non-Catholic church was in Syria. In ADE 70, the Romans who were destroying Jerusalem were told not to destroy the Temple. It accidentally got burned. So Muhammad's first wife was rich, her sister went into a Catholic Monastery to become a nun. That's when the Jesuits or the Knights Templar got the idea to create the Islamic religion. After the Muslims defeated Israel instead of giving the Temple to the Pope, they decided to build a Mosque there. Thru the ages in Muslim countries, they would kill Non-Catholic Christians and Jews. They did not kill Catholic Christians. The Muslims have rosary beads, like the Catholics. If at all possible in their lifetime, they are to visit Mecca. The Catholics are encouraged to visit Rome. There is a building in the town that the Apostle John lived in. It is believed by many to be the place John took Jesus's Mother and his own Mother to live. It is said that he built the house that still stands. Muslims go there to honor Mary , Jesus's Mother. Mohammed didn't kill Protestants, his descendants did. Watch Walter Veith at Amazing Discoveries and get educated. I would explain to you why I posted as I did, but you are a name calling child. Grow up, everything is not as it seems.

  16. Martin Luther was not the creator of the Protestants. Read his biography.

  17. Silver Love says:

    Sick fucking people

  18. this video is totally false and fabricated and made for insulting the one and only religion accepted to almighty Allah and his messenger Muhammad (pbuh) , the maker of this video and supporter of this film are surely the fuel of hell if Allah does not give hedaya to them , oh Allah please destroy them or give hedaya because I can't tolerate this even no human being too.

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