The Mystery Of Quantum Physics – Albert Einstein’s Nightmare (Documentary)


In this My Universe Documentaries, we are going to take you through a journey where you can learn about the mystery of quantum physics, secrets of quantum …


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  1. Ashmika A says:

    PLank's theories very nicely explained with electric light bulb ..UV etc..

  2. because without precise measurements in science, we become "victims" of common sense.

  3. equating einstein with aristotle, not newton or galileo is difficult.

  4. gotcha, cavemen with a twist of lime . . .

  5. Arrant Logic says:

    so the electron travels within a waveform, like a grain of sand in an ocean wave hitting a wall, although more randomly. No problem. But is it not possible that the electron emitted from the gun interacts with other free electrons, in a waveform pattern, on its way from the gun to the plate and that the electron that hits the plate is not necessarily the one emitted from the gun, like billiard balls? Also, if electricity is more exited within ultraviolet, couldn't ultraviolet be used to create faster transmission of electrons for communications or other uses? Assuming the increase would justify the power required, you could use a beam of ultraviolet light containing a constant stream of bits…

  6. Christ David says:

    the cat is dead. science killed it. murderers.

  7. Neither Einstein, nor Borh is right…everything is much much simpler

  8. Physics mathematics is good.  Conclusions are bad. Light from distant galaxies is red shifted. Choices:1 The source wasmoving fast. 2  Space is expanding.  #letsfixphysics

  9. Actually, at 13:54 if you look very closely, they do move, very slightly, but they do in fact move.

  10. Laura Hoyer says:

    the youtube cover picture of the eye on this video is awesome. Does anyone know where it comes from?

  11. Lord Buddha explain univers and mind by “Patijasamupbart” When this exists, that comes to be; With the arising of this, that arises. When this does not exist, that does not come to be; With the cessation of this , that ceases. That is 

    With ignorance (animal don't know the 4 noble truth) as condition activities (take action by mind or by physical action or by words) 

    With activities as condition mind(mind is interested, consciousness / mind happen and extinguish all day and all night) 

    With mind as condition things(object,body,material,energy,emotion,feeling,thought,….) 

    With things as condition sixsense base (eyes ears nose tongue body and mind) 

    With sixsense base as condition contact ( mind + sixsense base + things ) 

    With contact as condition happiness and suffering(pleasure and unpleasure , feeling) 

    With happiness and suffering as condition craving 

    With craving as condition clinging (clinging to what create happiness and what create suffering) 

    With clinging as condition place of birth(1. location of mind when mind set firmly on things 2.hell,heaven,earth,… For example, if you concentrate on killing. You will become a murderer if you concentrate on clemency. You will become a saint)

    With place of birth as condition birth (1.myself,my,ego 2. Angel, man, beast, ghost , hell animal) 

    With birth as condition, old age and death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, dejection, and anguish come to be. Such is the origin of this whole mass of suffering. –———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— When we are not die if we have tunha(craving) we will have clinging in angry,love,hate,home,car,happinese,suffering,enemy,friend,strait,money,son,dad,food,….….(things) When we die -the craving and clinging will create mind and mind will create things . It is new life . we will rebirth again.So we have to destroy tunha(craving) for stop birth.

  12. On this topic: "Illusions of Human Thinking: On Concepts of Mind, Reality, and Universe in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Physics" (2016), Author: Vacariu, Gabriel, (Springer, Germany). On Springer site:

    • The Book delivers a new axiomatic-hyperontological framework for a non-contradictory conceptual understanding of "Welt" ("Universe")
    • Shows how to solve fundamental and philosophical problems of Science ("Pseudoproblems")
    • Gives deep insight into philosophical discussions of Philosophy of Mind, Neurosciences, Psychology, Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics

    “The book illustrates that the traditional philosophical concept of the "Universe”, the "World” has led to anomalies and paradoxes in the realm of knowledge. The author replaces this notion by the EDWs perspective, i.e. a new axiomatic hyperontological framework of Epistemologically Different Worlds” (EDWs). Thus it becomes possible to find a more appropriate approach to different branches of science, such as cognitive neuroscience, physics, biology and the philosophy of mind. The consequences are a better understanding of the mind-body problem, quantum physics non-locality or entanglement, the measurement problem, Einstein’s theory of relativity and the binding problem in cognitive neuroscience.”

    [Also at my webpage (Philosophy, University of Bucharest), see my article 2005 Synthese (USA) + five books free (2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 each posted on Internet when it was published) on Cognitive (Neuro)science, Physics (quantum theory and Einstein’s relativity), Philosophy (of mind). On Amazon, two books: “Dark matter and dark energy, space and time, and other pseudo-notions in cosmology” (2016) + “Is cognitive neuroscience a pseudoscience” (2015)]

  13. im trying to figure out why, at the beginning of the video there's flashes of Satan???

  14. why do they have to make it soo creepy?
    what is the problem
    make it exciting

  15. Jose Vargas says:

    I need to rewatch this, a couple…hundred…times. I got the gist of it but I still don't really understand.

  16. You talk of RULES in the universe and yet you do not seem to comprehend of a Wise and Powerful Creator responsible. You identify things their selves that cannot be regarded as real insinuating of a creator mind and you show in split second captions the face of the devil!  To begin with introducing the face of the devil as the “architect” of the universe is introducing ignorance and deceit in our search for truth for his name in Greek (devil) comes from the verb “diavallo” which means to distort…in this case he distorts the Truth about God and his miserable self who was an archangel who got thrown out of Paradise when trying to put his throne above the throne of his creator God!
    The devil has no authority on the will of man he merely looks to exploit the weaknesses of each person (Power Gold, Fame Sex)  in order to get people to sin.
    Adam and Eve did not have to obey Satan they disobeyed on their own free
    will!  They disobeyed because they wanted to. The devil does not work free for those he collaborates with who are those who have the same passions of expansionism fame and power that he had that transformed him in an animal like existence as we know him today. At that moment of death the devil will show up TO GET PAID for his SERVICES RENDERED during these people lives. This is why his other name which is Satan means
    "the Accuser"!  His SERVICES will be PAID with an EXCHANGE of the person’s eternal soul. This is what the devil is working for; these souls will be his precious trophies for ALL TIME to come!  Those becoming Holy (His Saints) are those people (Christians) who were cleansed from sin and got to know God person to PERSON……………………..

    The vision of Divine Light

  17. Adam G says:

    I just have a quick question to anyone who can answer me this, if the equation that he does near the end of the video to prove if Einstein was right or not, the results of it are 0.56 0.82 and then he does 0.59 but it wasn't 0.59 it was -0.59 then 0.56… so with the result you would only get 1.35, not 2.02, so Einstein would have been right not wrong, unless there is something I am missing here, I'm just a little confused why he added it without negativing the 0.59. Can anyone explain this to me?

  18. Panda says:

    How were the devil imageries relevant

  19. If you're not SHOCKED by Quantum Physics then you don't understand it.
    If you think you understand Quantum Physics then you don't understand it.

    Well, I don't understand it and I am still shocked…

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