The Myth of India’s Independence


The first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru (1889-1964) was a Freemason and Illuminati shill. He was in bed, in more ways than one, with Lord Mountbatten and his wife Pamela.

by “H”

As we know, the biggest Illuminati project of the 20th century was Communism. The Illuminati fostered the growth of the Indian National Congress through its operatives, A.O Hume and William Wederburn. The idea was to create an independent India which would be a proxy for the Soviets.

For this purpose, Indian Freemasonry worked overtime to groom local Indian Mason operatives.

According to this official Masonic website,  “Swami Vivekananda (initiated in 1884 under the name of Bro. Narendra Nath Dutt in Lodge Anchor & Hope, Calcutta). Motilal Nehru – Lodge Harmony, Kanpur (Father of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and grand father of Indhira Gandhi), C. Rajagopalachary (Governor General of India), Sir C P Ramaswamy Iyer (Divan of Travancore), Dr. P V Cheriy (Governor of Maharashtra), and Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (President of India).”

Since this Illuminati project of delivering an “independent India” to the Soviet sphere of influence required top priority, Illuminati operative Helena Blavatsky founded The Theosophical Society in India. The purpose was two-fold. First, Blavatsky would dig up the swastika and Aryan theory for the Nazis who were created to attack Russia, which would result in the entire Eastern Europe and Germany being transferred to Communists.

Secondly, The Theosophical Society would coordinate the Indian Independence movement through the Indian National Congress. Even back then, rumors began circulating about Blavatsky and the “Russians”.

A key theosophist activist was Mrs. Annie Besant who despite acting against the British, managed to mysteriously escape being punished by them. If one analyzes the Indian independence movement, we notice the British building a crescendo of antagonizing the Indian National Congress and then caving in to their demands….whereas transfer of power to the INC was predetermined.

Realizing that Indian National Congress leaders were phoney in every respect, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a British educated lawyer managed to get a mandate for an all Muslim Pakistan without shedding a drop of blood or going to jail.

The last Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten was associated with the Rothschilds. He realized the threat Pakistan would pose to Soviet-proxy India. He assured that independent India got more than its share of landmass, including islands in the Indian Ocean, many border districts initially marked for Pakistan (which resulted in the Muslims being massacred), and 95% Muslim Kashmir which should have gone to Pakistan.

The moment India was liberated coincides with a little known private ceremony known as “Hour of the British Empire” which is held in London.

Further, the Rothschild-owned British Petroleum was granted unlimited rights to all offshore Indian oil, which is valid to this day. There is reason to believe that the internationalists were behind the death/disappearance of Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose who had become a popular rival to Theosophist groomed Nehru after independence.

Unlike Nehru, Bose was on the front lines using Indian POW’s captured by the Japanese to fight back against the British. His death remains a mystery and it was conducted by the illuminati to ensure Nehru had control over all India.

The Congress party consisted of numerous Freemasons and Theosophists who ensured that India with its strategic landmass was always a total ally of the Soviet Union.

Later, many Communist countries including India became part of the “non aligned movement” which enabled them to remain allied to the Soviet Union and yet receive major aid from internationalists and their tax free foundations in America, including components for atomic weapons. Even Canadian Deuterium made its way into Soviet proxy India. All of Indian military hardware consisted of Russian technology and despite the cold war, the Illuminati was very reluctant to back Pakistan in any way.

Limited amounts of American small arms made it to Afghanistan through Pakistan but it is important to note that the American ambassador supervising it and the Pakistani President, General Zia were killed in the same plane crash!

India had major stakes in the Soviet Union, including a possible obliteration of Pakistan if the Soviets made it across Afghanistan. It is interesting to note that the UN turned a blind eye to the illegal Indian invasion and annexation of Goa. This proves that the UN was created to foster Illuminati plans.

Of course, the farce of Indian independence will never be known to the casual observer, who is subjected to whitewash such as the BBC movie, “Gandhi” and Larry Collin’s (Of Illuminati Collins bloodline) “Freedom at Midnight”. As for Indians, despite their population of around 1 billion, they seem to be too hungry, hate obsessed and materialistic to ever figure it out. And again, greeting the powerful of the world with folded hands is never looked down upon in India. Rather, it represents a 1000 year old tradition.

It is interesting to note that the Indian government crushed the real peasant classes who became genuine Communists without the Communist International batting an eye; and Soviet aid to India was never paused.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Illuminati switched horses; abandoning the Congress party for the Hindu fascist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Though never in control of this party, this was the closest the Illuminati could get to exercising influence. The UN and world media would turn a blind eye to the burning alive of 5000+ Muslim civilians by Hindu hoodlums.

Israel would become intimately involved with India, to the extent of Israeli fighter planes being detected in the process of launching preemptive strikes on Pakistani nuclear reactors after India conducted its recent nuclear tests.

The coming to light of this event enraged the Chinese allies of Pakistan to such an extent that they gifted Pakistan a complete fleet of fighter planes.

The recent resurgence of the Congress has upset Illuminati plans. The creation of a one world government under the Illuminati UN will require not just horrendous wars in the Middle East but the rest of the world as well.

In Asia, we may see a war with Pakistan, North Korea and China against India, Taiwan and South Korea. If it happens to be a nuclear war, the carnage will help pave way for a UN one-world government. For that purpose, the Illuminati is working to get the recently dethroned Hindu fascist BJP party back on its feet.

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  1. aftab hussain says:

    Every body in this world is Illuminati, so close this topic forever.

  2. ramin says:

    dude are you seriosly saying communism was created by illuminati? no sir, it was made by the anger of the Russian peasants who could not take their opression anymore.

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