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  1. I wonder why those people were flying a Skull & Cross Bones Flag @1:24:15.. the skull & cross bones is a polical group ,that Bush belongs to,.. look up . bohemian grove.. it's World Leaders, some of the videos I have seen makes me "think" they are the ones blameing the Masons, on what they themselves maybe doing ?? ..

  2. pjamesbda says:

    NAFTA has been a disaster. No question. Free trade really means everything averages in an economic equation through products and labor. An ideal that is painful to those who "built with their bleeding hands" a system for their children that protects their way of life. A way of life built out of nothing but natural resources!
    Now, we have an elite who would bring a NWO! And to this prospect, I would say..
    "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it."
    -Albert Einstien

  3. @sgentlemanjack112 – Seems a great note to end the world on though….

  4. alot has happened in the USA also, I don't think any of us are being ask to Vote our opinions on these issues..many of our Troops have been dieing many labeled suicide,many of our young people have died labeled suicide or OD ing on new dope.. ice was called an epidimic, it rolled in after the amthrax issues about 10 yrs ago, the war on drugs, should be labeled conspiracy in my should look up robots, nano technology , stem cell ,mars , moon , space elevator, they don't need us, Do they?

  5. 'WE' can't do anything without God!

  6. K if we want to be free we have to get away from the queens power cuz we are still under British power!!!

  7. LeviiCity says:

    No country has sovereignty, we never did- sovereignty means having the power of God we can never be God we don't even create/print our own money as a country. So that word sovereignty has always been an illusion. Just like being God on earth, most people try or feel that they can be but it will never happen. Being God and having to borrow money does not make any sence. So before we even try to claim sovereignty lets start with something secular like creating our own money. 

  8. When was this movie released?

  9. Steeper33 says:


  10. john galt says:

    new agreement.. the people of these sovereign nations are free to loose all civil rights and give them lots of useless currency.. dont worry it will help every one..

    one bank under god

  11. 03saddy says:

    Politicians are corrupt demagogues and traitors, they must be stopped !!!

  12. monsterrun says:

    Just look anywhere in the world. Where ever you have a currency of any sort that lose value and keep losing value at a faster peace.. This is a sign of cooruption of people stealing wealth of the country and keeping it for themselves.

    Devaluation of currency is a result of increase in availaible money due to the printing of money to pay a debt generated by an Offshore entity!

  13. Thank you! What an eye opener!

  14. Yet, God doesn't exist without us… It's all us people…

  15. abra7777 says:

    We really have to stop calling these politicians "Public Leaders". Are they not employed and paid for by the Canadian people with the taxes that they extort from us? Since when did "Public Servants" start being called leaders? They are not our leaders, they never were supposed to be. They work for us, not the other way around. Are they serving you? What have they done to make our lives easier and better as our hired servants? Or are they dictating to us and forcing us to comply with abuse?

  16. abra7777 says:

    Why are we still using the currency that is giving them the ability to take our power from us? Maybe a new currency would make sense and we will not accept theirs. The police and military would be forced to come to our side if they want to do business and support themselves and their families and these Robber Barrens would be nothing over night if the money supply is nothing but paper. It actually is just that. We can do Promissory notes (like CC) until we get everything straightened out.

  17. You do realize that she exercises little to no influence on day-to-day Canadian policy. (We have a Governor General appointed by our own Prime Minister). If we want to save Canada, we gotta go right to the doorstep of those responsible (bankers, multinational corporations as well as our so-called "elected" leaders) and let them know we're not cool with what they're trying to do and that we're on to their game. If we do just 1 thing: simply expose them, they can't carry out their horrendous plan!

  18. psysprouts says:

    'Guarding the dead'. I hope that's a sign.

  19. Some time has passed since this film was released. Lets fast forward to 2013 and witness almost every signal recommendation from the CFR and the CCCE to the SPP at that time, fully realized and implemented! 2013 Obama and Harper signed the Beyond the Border agreement, calling for a 'COMMON SECURITY PERIMETER FOR NORTH AMERICA' and with a mandate to harmonize and integrate as many Canada/US laws as possible. In other words, the protesters and Anti-NAU'ers were right!

  20. AHHHH FUCK!!!!  i pray for the Canadian state hail Canada.  we can all rise as earth. let us go back to what we knew before as a planet.

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