The New 9/11 Bait and Switch?

Pakalert July 21, 2011 1

by Zen Gardner

This clip below is from Vanity Fair, of all things.  It claims that the ties of 9/11 to Saudi Arabia are not just notable, but makes the case that those connections were deliberately skirted by the Bush administration following the infamous false flag attack, throughout the investigation and that there could be something big to it.

Zionist Rulers of Saudi Arabia

Duh. But nice to see someone investigating this, and they do a pretty good job….maybe.

The MSM hardly EVER touches the fact that there are huge doubts about and gaping holes in the 9/11 NWO takeover exercise cover-up story. So what are they up to?

Take a look. The only time the MSM injects some truth is to direct, that is mis-direct, public attention from the real issue or culprit and to attempt to defuse growing discontent. Anyone doing any serious research on the events of 9/11 will come to the conclusion that it was carried out by an Israeli-American cabal–at the least, and that virtually nothing adds up to give any indication whatsoever that the official story has any basis in fact.

Talk about conspiracy theory. The powers that be take the cake. Every time.

The Kingdom and the Towers

Was there a foreign government behind the 9/11 attacks? A decade later, Americans still haven’t been given the whole story, while a key 28-page section of Congress’s Joint Inquiry report remains censored. Gathering years of leaks and leads, in an adaptation from their new book, Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan examine the connections between Saudi Arabia and the hijackers (15 of whom were Saudi), the Bush White House’s decision to ignore or bury evidence, and the frustration of lead investigators—including 9/11-commission staffers, counter-terrorism officials, and senators on both sides of the aisle.

(Adapted from The Eleventh Day by Anthony Summers and Robynn Swan to be published this month by Ballantine Books; © 2011 by the authors.)

For 10 years now, a major question about 9/11 has remained unresolved. It was, as 9/11-commission chairmen Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton recalled, “Had the hijackers received any support from foreign governments?” There was information that pointed to the answer, but the commissioners apparently deemed it too disquieting to share in full with the public.

The idea that al-Qaeda had not acted alone was there from the start. “The terrorists do not function in a vacuum,” Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters the week after 9/11. “I know a lot, and what I have said, as clearly as I know how, is that states are supporting these people.” Pressed to elaborate, Rumsfeld was silent for a long moment. Then, saying it was a sensitive matter, he changed the subject.

Three years later, the commission would consider whether any of three foreign countries in particular might have had a role in the attacks. Two were avowed foes of the United States: Iraq and Iran. The third had long been billed as a close friend: Saudi Arabia. Source

So Why Blame Saudi Arabia?

To now blame Saudi Arabia this late in the game, with millions having died and trillions spent on useless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the Middle East, would seem to be pointless and counter-productive.


1. 9/11 Truth is reaching critical mass, with the groundswell mounting even more with the further exposure of Israeli-Mossad involvement in worldwide murder, espionage and nuclear subterfuge activities, now reaching a crescendo with the Murdoch scandal likely to expose his Zionist/Mossad collusion. Or…

2. Will this be the excuse to now go after Saudi Arabia which is known to be on the NWO Middle East “hit list”? It wouldn’t take much to arouse the already Islamophobic American populace to take another step into Arabia. They’ve secretly and not so secretly hated the perceived control and manipulation of energy crises for decades. Little do they know the oil barons and the Arabs are just more paid front men for their perfidy.

Same old same old…


As usual, the propagandists are spreading, or allowing to be spread, more partial, infected truths to pacify the opposition. Or so they think.

The 9/11 truth movement, if you will, is generally on the same page when it comes to the fundamental fact that someone engineered and allowed the 9/11 ritual to take place with the resultant worldwide militarization and fascist crack down under the guise of “security” against this enigmatic enemy called “terror”.

If we’re truly getting closer to “9/11 disclosure” we should be on guard against hijackers. A lot of disinfo is being bandied about, some infighting, back flips in attempts to dishearten or confuse like Charlie Veitch, or leavening misdirection such as this article.

The expression goes “a little leaven leavens the whole lump.” The warning being, get sidetracked by an assumed assimilated wrong un-truth and partial truth and the whole loaf is off. While this article may contain some good, damning information, be careful where they’re steering you.

Let’s stay true and pure, and clear headed. The Truth will stand for itself, but it must get out there.

That’s all of our jobs.


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  1. Janus July 22, 2011 at 5:03 am - Reply

    LADIES AND GENTLMEN: Israel did 9/11. If the above article is trying to say that the Saudi’s were also involved in the biggest terrorist act on american soil, then that article is also disinfo.

    NO Muslims was involved in 9/11. There were NO Arab hijackers. The hijacker story is a lie because some as some of the alledged ones turned up alive after 9/11.

    Any “9/11 truth article” that claims there were Arab hijackers on 9/11 is disinfo. The writer of the above article, i.e. Gardner, might be Jewish. Mixing 90% truth with 10% falsehood is a classical disinfo tactic.

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