THE NEW WORLD ORDER – A 6000 -year history – HD FUNCTION


(100 minutes) UFOTV® , Accept no imitations . Posted by permission only ! Now that presents a detailed and full 6,000 years of history of the New World Order …


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  1. bertThugh2 says:

    This is a wonderful, comprehensive presentation of the Zionist machinations around the world. I took 13 & a half pages of notes over three days to get it all down. So many details filled in to my overall education on the subject, & so many questions I've had have been answered.
    Thanks UFOTV for this video. Very many thanks!

  2. Kayla Nguyen says:

    Hi Max Williams,

    Have you not seen Anti-Semitism on the rise? Your comments just fuel the fire. We are all distantly related from Adam and Eve. You should trace your ancestry by testing your DNA. I wonder if you make these anti- semetic generalizations if you found out your ancestors are Jewish.

  3. Zak K says:

    propaganda!!!!!!! freemasons are alchemist and illuminati are evil followers of king tuts dad who ruined egypt and led to airostle and soctries leading evil across the world fuck that shit

  4. andy helm says:

    JFK's speech was about communism but most of these video's cut that bit out. Keep an eye out for those trying to manipulate you into a sense of fear. Kennedy was however, killed for Exec order 1111o and trying to avoid Vietnam war or agree to operation Northwoods. He was also trying to scrap the CIA

  5. May I share this on my facebook page?

  6. a well made documentary with pertinent and logic arguments and valuable historic data to backed it up. anyone that labels it as conspiracy propaganda is utterly stupid.

  7. 1:14:03 this shit is bullshit its staged LOL

  8. Petter Radja says:

    why cant we kill someone like a mayer(Rotschild)-when they are killing us the People…?


    "Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unathorised reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures, video tapes, DVDs or video disks. Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and may constitute a felony with a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine."


    Slamming a NWO Babylon system and then threatening to drag people who use this video through the courts … oh the irony!


  11. this is a powerful movie. it helped me wake up to know the truth. Jesus is the only hope for us all.

  12. their is much wisdom here. the truth is out now more than ever. but alot of people don't want to see it because they like the lies better than the truth. it's time to wake up people. Satan's time is running out. I hope all of you seek the truth out. it will set you free. Jesus saves

  13. J.S. Reilly says:

    Dozens of otherwise well-researched books have stated the Illuminati was Rothschild-inspired and Weishaupt was a Crypto-Jew. It makes sense as who better to trust with the mission than a well-placed Catholic who still practiced Judaism in secret. This would explain why this Catholic wanted to destroy all his church outwardly stood for. This documentary states Weishaupt had a "catholic background and was not a secret Jew." By referring to him as not a "secret Jew" it makes me wonder if the makers of this doc even know what a Crypto-Jew is?
    Catholics forced Jews to convert in exchange for full access to govt services and jobs. In other areas, they could either convert or leave. Obviously, this would result in a lot of conversions that were less than sincere and especially when Talmudic reasoning is put in the equation. Not surprisingly, many of the converts continued to practice Judaism secretly. They were called Crypto-Jews. It is reported that many of these Crypto-Jews attended seminary and had quite an impact on the Catholic church – from the inside. Needless to say, they were said to all be Jesuits and this is reflected by the many talmud-inspired beliefs of the Jesuits.
    I feel this video gives short-shrift to the fact that there was often a compelling reason for Jews to convert to Catholicism and that this had occurred in many European countries in the centuries prior to the 18th. The video ignores that history and the aforementioned researchers who concluded differently. And, all without any explanation. In short: Weak sauce.

  14. Wayne cain says:

    This is bullshit want to know why? Text me

  15. What have all good people tried to make peace in common… They all died on a young age, except for Nelson Mandela

  16. G Man says:

    This would get a lot more shares if you didnt slate communism so badly with your poor perspective. you dont generalize in the same way about religion, in fact you generally defend it. so your making a fallacious argument about communism but wont do the same to religion.
    i will correct you anyway…
    you say the goals of communism are the same as those of the Illuminati which is bullcrap.
    the difference is depending on who it is practicing communism it can be done with centralized democracy which obviously can not be said for the Illuminati.
    not just that but fundamentally communism is about the working class having power which is the opposite to what the Illuminati wanted.

  17. Real Hunter says:

    This is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen and I am sorry to see so many people fall for it. The world does not work like this and it never has. People are motivated by self-interest. They are not going to follow one world organization under any circumstances. They would rather die first and that's why there have been millions of wars from the beginning of time.

    Second of all, not one of these connections in the film has been substantiated by detailed facts. Anyone can say this happened and that happened and imply that there is a connection. That's all that this film does. Where the hell are the FACTS. Where the hell are the details.

    There has always been corruption and there has always been crime but not one of these has ever been co-ordinated by a higher world order. Basically, it would be impossible to do so. Remember, they didn't have the technology and communication to even begin to do this and even the wired telegraph didn't begin until about the mid 1800s. Because of the time lag in communication, it would be impossible to make any co-ordinated effort to do anything because local events would have changed by the time something was put into effect by a World Order.

    Let's not add to the many distortions in history that have already been told but let's try to correct and make history more accurate. This lying film is not the way to do it.

  18. Let me tell you what is going on people, the knowledge found in ancient Egypt, kabbalah, Knight Templar, Rosicrucian, Gnosticism, Freemason, etc. etc. is not bad or good, it is like fire, can be use to create or destroy depending on who is using this knowledge.
    there is a great treasure hidden, the power to perform miracles, or what we call magic.
    This secrets could lead to the destruction of this civilization in hands of the unworthy.

  19. Tarun says:

    I want in, I demand in, mail me the membership of the secret society ASAP.

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