The New World Order Conspiracy


What is the New Globe Buy? Who is concerned in it? And what are their aims? Study every thing you want to know about the New Globe Buy.

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33 Responses

  1. New World Order (Meritocracy) is good for everyone except the capitalists.
    The old world order (Capitalism) is a threat to the world! ! !
    Please make a distinction between the two concepts old and new world order they are opponents.

  2. 6:00 – Rise of Right Wing, a planned global phenomenon. part of the New world Order.

  3. Tahir Rana says:

    This is a Soros funded site!!

  4. Santiago M says:

    The democratic process is part of the NWO plan, and BTW the NWO is already the current world order. This si already done it is here. Also please!!! The USA is more communist than nazi, the Left owns the USA. commies are everywhere and communist degeneracy is all over, POP culture, Media, cosnumerism, etc…

  5. Scared Bork says:

    I once saw a dream that NWO came

  6. this guy has either really poorly done his research or hes a stupid liberal… although those two things mostly go hand in hand

  7. I honestly thought this guy was older because of his voice

  8. Thorin says:


  9. You accuse Trump, who is openly anti-globastlist, of being part of the NWO but not Obama, an openly globalist ex-president. This is 100% pure disinfo. Trump and brexit, Afd and Front National are the only anti-nwo forces in the political scene and certainly not neo-nazis as you accuse them to be.

  10. To answer your question, your mouth.

  11. I'd be inclined to go with the boring but still revolutionary idea that the NWO is the flip side of the north-western civilisation of America and Europe, i.e. one dominated by the south-eastern powers of China and India. Gordon Brown made a good speech on this, notably "a new world order will come about to redress the imbalances of the old". Seriously, even for those of us living in the wealth and peace of the West life wasn't fun for everyone- big problems with unemployment/welfare dependency and loss of privacy for example. We didn't like the old order that much so we got a new one.

  12. Fil Piovano says:

    Doesn’t surprise me really that Woodrow Wilson, the guy who authorised the Federal Reserve, coined the term.

  13. Carter Lord says:

    What if the new world order is nothing more than the establishment of The Evil Isrealite Empire foretold in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Therefore Juda seems to be running the world but is really only "The Synagogues of Set" who will serve and worship the real Isrealites, but who are they that Easau is going to depopulate the world for?

  14. Seth Riley says:

    UN (United Nations) backwards is (NU or NEW). Confirmed

  15. Blank says:

    Your voice matches James Earl Jones/Darth Vader, say "Luke I am your father"

  16. Brian R says:

    I'm sorry but it's time I have to unsubscribe. You guys are becoming way too liberal. You're the first person that has ever said Donald Trump is an example of the NWO. It couldn't be more clear that he won because the American people are tired of globalism and are trying to fight it. How much has Hillary Clinton paid you, Jesus Christ

  17. or perhaps the new world order will bring about world peace. countries will become provinces in the one government.

  18. That's Illuminati shit

  19. L. Carlson says:

    It was to be Hillary. Thats why Sanders step down when he was doing so well. Why Obama and CNN over reacted to Trumps win.
    Why I think it was Hillary…because she was to finalize the plan in the middle east by weakening or invading Iran. Bush and Obama did the other countries planned out. You think Obama would help divide this country against Trump if he was the chosen one for Iran downbringing? No, they are mad because their plan backfired and Trumps cleaning up the corruption.

  20. Captain says:

    Wait what, Trump and Brexit has got to be one of the most ANTI new world order thing to happen in decades. Trump and Brexit at their core are nationalistic, which is the exact opposite of what the new world order would want, NWO is the globalization of the world.
    It baffles me how you attempted to connect Brexit to the NWO when the the EU is literally a NWO styled system and the UK broke away from it. Same with Trump, the man is nationalistic and the NWO is globalization, so there also goes that connection.

    There is no possibility of a New World Order when sovereign nations act in their own interest and don't try to connect with other countries and create a centralized political system!

    p.s. it's kinda sad how you tried to label this a right wing conspiracy when the right does the exact opposite of how the NWO would operate.

  21. Sarah Belle says:

    I fell in love with your voice within 5 seconds

  22. Mcbridle says:

    The gym Robin…. it calls to you. Ily<3

  23. if this conspiracy is true, we wouldn't know about it because this video would be censored by this order.

  24. I don't feel like being culled like a deer or boar!?

  25. I do believe in conspiracies of world control, however, its hard to take theorists serious when speak with a robotic voice and a sci-fi background. It doesn't have that "Im a real person warning you of danger" feel to it.

  26. Your voice is like waking up fully rested and not feeling groggy at all, but still having a cup of coco just because you deserve it ?

  27. alura wild says:

    I really don't think this is a conspiracy. It's pretty obvious that this real life.

  28. John Wilding says:

    Trump can't be part of the NWO because he is not a globalist. He wants to end global government. In fact, I think he is fighting against it, which is why the press, owned by international conglomerates, is so against him.

  29. Laura Knight says:

    What if he's warning us masking this channel as a "conspiracy" channel so the government won't kill him ????

  30. Laura Knight says:

    Wow first time seeing your face . Wow this is your real voice !?!?!!!?! Omg

  31. PsyEythan says:

    lol, "NAZIS infiltrated the us".
    A jew from russia says trump, right-wing europe and brexit are for the nwo. As an israeli-jew, this couldn't get more ironic.

    you're clearly a communist, a globalist puppet or just another brainwashed zombie.

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