The New World Order Evil Occult & Fashion Industry Exposed


This movie is a Elizabeth Browne generation, it discusses in depth the esoteric meanings driving symbols usually identified in the trend market AND More ! unenslaved2012 can make unquestionably no revenue or any profit from this video clip
Observe from the producer Elizabeth Browne in regards to Alex Jones :
I would like to assistance crystal clear this up – I have no difficulty with your edited footnote relating to Alex Jones. At that place in the movie I did not want to detract from the problem and start out talking about whether Alex Jones is the most authentic determine, as I was chaotic focusing on detailing Bohemian Grove. For the document: My individual viewpoint on Alex is that even though he has made some fantastic movies and helped distribute critical information exposing the illuminati & NWO and so forth, I come to feel when he functions mad on dwell shows & interviews he allows “us” down mainly because the viewer may be distracted by his bonkers behaviour fairly than in fact listening to feeling he is speaking and so I come to feel humiliated to associate myself with his place from time to time. I know he promises he functions like that deliberately in buy to attain far more fascination and fame so that it prospects men and women to research into him. However, his nutty behaviour has led me to concern whether he is without a doubt a plant to act as a deterrent instead. None the significantly less, for the sake of this video clip – I am quite grateful for the function he has performed in exposing the Bohemian Grove (regardless of what his motives). The specifics I needed to address are: 1. Owls are in trend and 2. People today ought to know they have an esoteric indicating which is Molech


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  1. Smokey 420 says:

    A message to the Global Elite who seek to bring your One World Government through oppression and fear for I do not fear you workers of darkness for God is my strength for I was sent to give this warning to you the Global Elite who use your wealth in order for you to do evil unto others by using your wealth in order for you to plot evil that you do in secret use your wealth to fund wars against the nations in order for you to cause fear in people as a means to force them to submit and give up their souls to you and unto Satan in order for you who work iniquity create your one world government in order to bring the world to follow Satan whom you serve for I warn you who work iniquity that your deeds which are done in secret and abroad are known to God who sees what you have done in secret behind closed doors for your secrets and seeds done in darkness, wealth and ways of darkness will not save you from God's wrath to come so turn away from your evil ways or you will likewise perish for I say unto you is but woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. Woe unto you that are full! for ye shall hunger. Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn and weep. Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

    Repent or you will likewise perish for it is only through Jesus you can be saved for he has even saved one of your own who now follows him for Jesus the Christ the Son of God whom I believe in my heart that God raised him from the dead for Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings.

    Global Elite am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

  2. nvsbl2 says:

    I don't believe there is any evidence that there are aliens. I believe it's all demonic. But when the Rapture comes, they will have an explanation for the disappearance of many people

  3. nvsbl2 says:

    Well done! Thanks. Hate the music. We are in the times of "all knowledge shall be increased", thanks to the internet. There is no reason not to know. I always thought the eye on the dollar bill was the all-seeing eye of God. A lot of Christian churches have played the harlot with the world, with the demonic. It's hard to find a church that isn't corrupted by heresies. Joyce Meyers, Copeland, Osteen, and the like. They have actually said we are "little Gods". Wonder how many use these symbols ignorantly, because they think them cool looking and faddish?

  4. Sheila James says:

    God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of the world and the despised things and the things that are not, to nullify the things that are, so that no onemay boast b4 God. It is because od God that you r in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God, that is our righteousness, holiness and redemption. Let man who boast, boast in the Lord.


  6. Mind control "programming sites" are something more for conspiracy theory talk than reality. There's enough technology to do that without special "programming sites". I perform mind control on myself through tapping. It's actually very beneficial because you can alter your brain waves with positive messages, although it's a relatively new technique

  7. God sacrificed his own son
    Satanists sacrifice..
    Though must not find the fruit of your knowledge, else you become as the gods.

  8. Look up pizzagate.
    Blood letting, spirit cooking etc.

  9. You are twisting certain things.
    Offense is not implyed in the word power. For instance.
    I reccomend applying occams razor to your work aswell as reseraching logical fallacies.
    Keep it up but check your work for fallacies else you be fooled.

  10. Can you prove any of this ????? without reading the Christian Bible to back you up.

  11. triplejudy says:

    Religion: a divisive, immoral, deadly, non-thinking “brain virus” deluding young minds and adult masses with ancient myth, ignorance and superstition.
    The Bible: BS written by various unknown male authors based on a total lack of understanding of the natural world around them.
    Faith: allowing yourself to be brainwashed into believing ancient religious “god” nonsense without a shred of verifiable, scientific based, evidence.
    Atheism – the only approach to save society from the dangers of ancient, deluded religious nonsense.

  12. I have clear undeniable proof from the Bible that the Bible is not talking about the Creator Of The Laws Of All Existences who Created everything and has full power over all existence…here is a verse about casting out demons …read it carefully …

    Mat 17:21 ISV But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting.”

    Now it is clear and obvious to me The Creator Of The Laws Of Existence can cast out any demon in an instant but here in the Bible we find the disciples can't cast out a certain kind of demon and that prayer and fasting was needed …and it took Jesus an hour …clearly it wasn't Gods Power they were using ….

    This is undeniable evidence the Bible is talking about yhwh not The Creator Of All The Laws Of Existence …even though the Bible god is calling himself Almighty when he isnt …clear undeniable evidence …

    In many ancient stories we hear about Thoth …the holiest of the holiest ….the god of the Bible and Quran …if you can be bothered to research everything on the planet called holy is demonic …not from The Creator Of All Laws Of Existence who is Pure Light and Love and Power …holiness is from His adversary …the entire universe has been blinded as to who to turn to …the holiest of the holiest Thoth should expose true holiness for what it is …Thoth was written of long before the old testament and is the baseline for the original meaning of holiness …and explained the holy spirit

    Be wise …put the Bible down …stop describing God by it …turn directly to God to guide you …trust only in God not books of any kind …

    Peace to you I pray from the Real Almighty Creator Of All Laws Of Laws Of Existence who is Love Light and Purity and Power …

    Are you feeling trapped in your own body ? Are you having irrational thoughts and feelings you know are wrong but can't control? This is demonic attack from the holy spirit through other entities …the irrational thoughts and feelings come from demons …you need the Real Creator Of All Laws Of Exisgence to open your eyes so you can clearly differentiate between your thoughts and demonic thoughts …only He can help you …the Bible god won't and you'll be left in limbo you're whole life wondering why you can't overcome sin …

    the whole world has been lied to … this world is built on lies …ALL priests are taught by those originally from the Vatican …protestants were still believing the Vatican when they taught the power moving them was from The Uncreated Creator …and that the Bible was from God …it all comes from the Vatican …now tell me do you think only The Creator Of All The Laws Of Existence can move you?

    You need to watch this video series …this is everything the world leader secret societies have been hiding about religion …religion is EVERYTHING to them …please be patient and watch this entire series was carved in stone over 8000 yrs ago …

    you can tell by the technology it's not myth as the world leaders are saying it is … if you only watch one video series in your lifetime let it be this one …the real history of the human race covered up by world leaders …

    This series is not myth as the church would have you believe …you only need notice the technology mentioned to know it could not have been based on myths over 8000 years ago …you will learn how the human race came about …where our belief in the Bible and Quran came from …where the Sabbath circumcision and creation stories came from …the first mention of the all seeing eye and much more …please devote some time to watch this complete series …if you devote some time each day to complete the series you won't regret it …

    sumerian tablet translations:

    Muslims …your belief in the Quran comes from believing the Bible God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob ,..never turn to the entity called Allah …I can prove the Bible isn't from The Creator Of All The Laws In Existence ever …yes it's been changed to deceive the whole world including Muslims …without the Bible the Quran is nothing and you know it …your history tells you it's the same god different story ! Both stories are wrong! Both stories are from the bloodthirsty elohim who don't want you to know who to turn to who is The Creator Of All Laws Of Existence who is Pure Love Peace and Joy and Power …reject the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and turn to the Real God you go to when you die! Islam is not the answer!

    The world and its evil entities are tricky …they know if you think something is from God you will believe it and follow it …its how you become trapped …If you knew what I knew about demons pretending to be holy spirit you'd burn your Bibles immediately

    you must be vigilant in understanding what The Creator Of All The Laws Of Existence wants from you …the bible gods yhwh and jesus can't and won't help you …you need to know to who to turn to fill your heart with His Love and instantly teach you right from wrong …you will know to put the bible down and stop trying to convince people about which laws to keep in the bible or other books

    The Creator of All Laws of existence aren't in any books …no book can help you or can guide you in Gods way ….you need God directly …no mediator …no books to describe Him by …let God describe Himself to you so you can't be tricked by bible demons preaching to you pretending to be Jesus or holy spirit …

    all confusion ends when you turn to The Creator Of All Laws Of Existence …trust in Him always …I call Him The Creator Of All Things …He is Pure Love And Pure Light …All Powerful …All Knowing …and He is the One you go to when you die if it Him you trust in and turn to …not Jesus …church has gone to great expense to deceive the entire planet generation after generation into worshipping the elohim …the lies are elaborate …nothing you hear about Jesus can be trusted on this planet ..nothing …

    All the books called holy are an elaborate hoax so you don't know who to turn to ….variations of descriptions of who to turn to to deceive the masses …

    demons pretend to be Jesus amd Allah and holy spirit and people fall for it time after time …testimonies of Jesus Allah and holy spirit are to be taken with a grain of salt …the only One you can trust in is the One who Created the very laws of life itself …pray to Him for truth and His Love …be prepared for life changing experiences ….

    Here is holiness in a nutshell and where holy ones get their power from

    So never give your soul over to the holy spirit and only ever entrust it to The Creator Of The Laws Of Existence ! Your eternal existence depends on it …

    I pray the Creator Of All The Laws Of Existence who is Brilliantly MORE MAGNIFICENT than MAGNIFICENT opens your eyes and teaches you how to Love …bless you all …

  13. Jack Maalouf says:

    New World Order is SATANIC

  14. Jack Maalouf says:

    the world leaders will be judged by The GOD OF I AM soon

  15. The Message isn't the Bible,it's a paraphrase.

  16. Kim Byrd says:

    BOMBSHELL!!! Queen’s 2015 Christmas Message: “Enjoy Your Final Christmas
    The Queen dropped a bombshell yesterday while filming her annual Christmas Message for the BBC, hinting at deep personal regrets over the murder of Princess Diana, a BBC insider claims Clearly troubled, the Queen said, “She knew too much.” The Queen asked her subjects to understand that the Royal Family simply did what was necessary to ensure their own survival. Senior BBC production staff and palace advisors scrambled to cancel the take, but not before the Queen expressed dark fears that this will be the last Christmas on earth because malevolent forces, much stronger than her own, are stalking across Europe, gaining ground every day. I hope you enjoy your final Christmas,” she said bitterly, before BBC staff, under strict orders from palace advisors, cancelled the take and sent junior staff on an early lunch.
    Later in the day the Christmas message was re-done, the second take proving less troubling to the establishment.
    In the United Kingdom and on the Internet, broadcast of the Queen’s Christmas message is embargoed until 3:00 PM GMT on Christmas Day. In other parts of the Commonwealth, the message is first broadcast in New Zealand at 6:50 PM local time by Television New Zealand, in Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at 7:20 PM local time, and in Canada by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at 10 AM Eastern Standard Time, which is the same as 3:00 PM GMT. How popular is it?
    Last year, 7.8 million viewers tuned in for the Christmas broadcast in the UK alone. The message was devoted to the First World War, the Northern Ireland peace process and the Scottish referendum.
    The theme of this year’s speech, chosen by the Queen herself, will, according to her official website, reflect her own interests but will always be “motivated by compassion and concern for her people end article.

  17. New Age teaching of a different Jesus exposed…

  18. matronista says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth.

  19. Truth Blood says:

    the torture for MKUltra is how the invoke the demons. those aren't alter egos, those are demons. Nikki even said "they conjured him up" watch the clip just "leaked" about Angelina Jolie.

  20. horns are decoded in the king james it means powers kings anointed enlightened but you don't read the bible so think what you want oh dumbasses exposed

  21. hogwash, i am a pagan and much of this predates the christian invasion. None of it is made to mock your man god. The elite may be into some dark shit, but a lot of what this young woman is saying comes straight from her pastors mouth. Just sheer ignorance about the beauty of Paganism.

  22. obi wan says:

    There is only 1 Truth that matters and luckly it is just recently revealed. The ultimate truth frees us from the animal realm we all evolved from. After all we ( humans) are still just smart animals ( animals with a highly rational mind) but the truth reveals we have still more 1 step to take in our evolution. Find out what it is. Google TruthContest click on the earth icon and read the Present

  23. Thank you, Elizabeth, so much for this excellent video, and this eye-opening information. The ability to recognize the evil all around us is a weapon with which to fight it. Evil is saturating our world more every day; the Enemy knows his time is short. Jesus has already defeated him. Even though we must live IN this world for a time, we do not have to be OF this world. Come Holy Spirit, and renew the face of the earth. May God have mercy on each and every one of us!

  24. Poseidon's name was Jeshua two thousand years ago. This is where the name Jesus comes from. He is my cousin and is a poser, thief and liar. Poseidon is the spirit of envy and mimicry and also money and materialism. He has also been known as Chemosh the destroyer, Dagon the fish god, and the Leviathan in ancient Hebrew. Neptune like Nephilim. Neptune is really the seventh planet which emanates the oceans, aquatic life and also deserts. Neptune also emanates reproduction in human biology and the occipital lobe and visual cortex. Water is reflective. Glass and mirrors which are reflective are made of heated sand. He was also Set in ancient Egypt and the Eye of Set. The visual cortex reflects imagery into the mind. He is a mimic and phony who disguises himself in false love and superficial materialism.

    He is a Maserati car salesman and money loving womanizing poser who is covered in tattoos and spent time in prison because I sent him there for selling shrooms which he used for initiating people into the underworld. Maserati uses the trident symbol which is a symbol for Poseidon. This devil has also been claiming responsibility for my spiritual works. He has absolutely no honor and he serves Steven James Dishon who is Lucifer and was John the Revelator who emanates from Vesper a moon of Venus. Not only did they steal my wisdom to create the New Testament they wrote the Gnostic texts too which is false spiritual science. The Bible has been written as a geometric spellbook using vortex algorithms. Jeshua did not whip any money changers out of the temple because he is a money changer and I cast all of their wicked souls into the underworld below the Holy Land 2000 years ago including him. I had cast him into Hades a few months ago so they carried human sacrifices to resurrect him.

  25. and all demonic has been concured at the Cross at Calgary

  26. Such a good video, My personal conclusion is that "Aliens" are fallen angels stripped of glory and "demons" and "gods" are nephilim spirits.

  27. gabriel more says:

    happend this at peris of masonry in romania two crazy of oltenita city ion iliescu

  28. gabriel more says:

    to make masons crazy put they neuroleptics in food from 14 years . not my case . must be crazy all of them . they have animals infiltrated at catholic church

  29. Mike N says:

    Hillary for Prison shirt AND the Hillary Clinton Toilet Sticker so you can piss on her every day, only at

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