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Hello world, the truth behind the New World Order: Anonymous Exposing the truth of The New World Order.


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  1. Marco S says:

    what is just happening on earth…

  2. no not true master chief stop that new wtmrild order

  3. x5starhustla says:

    yea I've never watched the news before last year but I have to tune in because ahit is real

  4. Tea Party!
    what will I wear!
    Don't Panic PrePARe

  5. bryce Svats says:

    shared on facebook….peace bros.

  6. Anti NWO says:

    The very moment that the NWO system comes for American guns is the exact moment that revolution will be declared, not only in the U.S. but in all other major countries for a king without a sword is a land without a king. And then there's our organization with black project level technology given to over 20 million world wide members trained, educated and already to go now. All their technology they have brought to bear against the world population is trumped by our technology and they don't even know we have it or what we have. We however know exactly what they have and how they use it. We already play gulf with them, go to the same world class whore houses with them, now we are in their very lives. We know what they know and we hate them. Our plans for them are horrible but war is hell. Their bodies will look like bloody oatmeal and their backup contingencies will be over ridden by those of us in their own ranks. Now its going to start to get interesting. If we did not post these things to give them a hint, then we are not being sportsmen like. So on these public forums, here are the whispers they are looking for. Enjoy…………….(it is ok if they hate us, as long as they continue to fear us…………………………………)

  7. Sorry folks, but I standing with the new world order. For you American patriots may see me as a sell out. But you are wrong. I am buying in.

  8. Don't buy that book. The new order will take place. You should just give that money to me.

  9. Welcome to the end game.. these systems were put in place for a very long time & these people work very hard to keep the masses occupied and amused with mis information, disinformation, misdirection, Autosuggestion and all the bright lights, bells & whistles of a disposable society. Some people have woken up to the truth but its fixed like a boxing match or a casino… the house always wins.. just by viewing this information & posting comments puts you on a list that is undesirable to the ruling elite. The fact is we are a genocidal race that has been depopulating the world since we crawled up out of the shit & started throwing stones at each other. They have already depopulated the world by billions if not trillions. The war started eons ago & will continue until the last human dies..

  10. you except NWO you are telling the devil your his.

  11. believe it says:

    Eugenics eugenics eugenics at the hands of corrupt globalist corp/govts…..10s of thousands of deaths every single year due to the common flu but less than 40 cases for a made up scare triggers an emergency declaration. wakey wakey
    These psychopaths are passing a plethora of self serving laws granting themselves powers they do not have and most are just staring like deer in the headlights. They are now developing airborne "vaccines" to be widely spread among the population without our knowledge or consent. They are actively committing genocide via 24/7 spraying. Where is the outrage? Where is your line in the sand? Will you wait until they are busting in your neighbors door? your own? It will be far too late by then. They have already trained the military to act against civilians. what more do you need to know? Govt FORCED showers, hmmmm. Does this ring a bell?

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