The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Illuminati 2016-2017


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  1. mrmogensen says:

    Spawn is the NWO

  2. Lawer 91 says:

    Allah (god)is the greatest

  3. Let me know when the final edit of this comes out because so far its missing about 97% of it. Heres a hint: Was the phrase "Old World Order" just not trendy anymore?..

  4. the Pyramid is Pharaonic Please watch 'The Pharaoh Show"

  5. its founded on the Pharaonic prinipal from a particular Egyptian King…but actually priests
    they then transformed or rather some of the priests wore new robes and called themselves Knights Templars and were the Pharaonic Nazi Order of the Knights Templars … migrated to and founded Switzerland in 1291

  6. time 26:58
    you have to go further back to the days of Pharaoh… which is where the symbol's of Hitler came from meaning the swaztica originated from…hence the Pyramid on the US money and all over the globe you will find pyramids, the all seeing eye which really goes even farther back to the days of Nimrod, which goes even farther back to Cain, and farther back still to the serpent in the garden…but I've read the end of the book and they lose… they actually lost when Jesus rose from the dead

  7. If you were the serpent man where would you live? that's right you guessed it Switzerland… the Pharaoh migrated under a cloak … they called themselves the Knights Templars… they are actually the Pharaonic Nazi Knight Templars and the founded Switzerland in 1291 and have been wreaking havoc on mankind ever since the fall of man from the garden of eden… check out the buffer countries all around Switzerland..

    please watch 'The Pharaohs Show" on youtube

  8. The Nazi nwo ruled by globalist mass murderers. They are poisoning the earth, the water, the food, the medicines and the air. We don,t want your absolutey pure evil nwo and we will fight you to the death until every child on this planet has healthy food clothing and shelter.

  9. Once the UN put Saudi Arabia as head of the human rights pannel you knew then they were a sick joke that left no doubt how corrupt it is… fuck the UN.

  10. Adam V says:

    The documentary that was stolen and inserted into this mess of a "documentary"… wow amazing research! Which documentary is this that's playing at 40:00 minute mark and beyond? Extremely well done. I'm going to rewatch that entire segment again because wow… that information is coming at us ROCK AND ROLL. He's saying all the insider stuff… Follow the money that's how true investigative journalism is done.

    Please someone tell me who is the original author of that documentary?

  11. it's a LUCIFERIAN AGENDA..little do those idiot's know..but God..the one true God of Heaven and in control..not their puny God Lucifer..soon..God will take him n all his little followers are /will get what's coming to them..God's just letting them think that they're!!!

  12. I like your name rullz

  13. Tony Kutch says:

    we need to take our freedom back by force please buy your guns and a lot of ammo now!

  14. well, we have to something now!!!

  15. Steven Stack says:

    They can STICK IT !!!

  16. Katie Koert says:

    all these idiots are Jews ,there in power after all these years most people will say I'm a Christian because they know there good people I am a strong Christian .but the whole religous battle thing,is even in the Bible it says it over and over again .who wants these idiots in power even after I say this is all …I don't know but whatever the Bible says is the truth and nothing but.the Jews can stay in hell where they know they don't believe in God.where eles are they going to run,to hell and they know it I guess that's what it's about .you know there religon language isn't English it's all about religion of the world thats what they worship.that's how Satan tempted adem and Eve and God new and Adam and Eve where casted out of God's kingdom

  17. Katie Koert says:

    try a bite of that APPLE

  18. Tim jones says:

    i wanna be in a secret society,

  19. Catt Taill says:

    These monster sub-human psychopaths WILL have their way. The Tytler Cycle has proven out for the history of every civilization. Nothing can stop it. It's as inevitable as the changing of the seasons. All you can do is prepare and endure the change from one "season" to the other.

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